Flower Pressing

I’m definitely one of those people who find it really hard to say what their hobbies are when put on the spot. I always end up feeling so boring when someone asks me! But one of my favourite hobbies is probably a bit more uncommon than the generic ones people say. I love flower pressing! It’s such an easy and therapeutic thing that hardly takes any time or effort… Which is probably why I love it… Ha…

So I thought I’d do something a bit different on the blog today. I want to start posting *at least* once a week, and if I’m going to do that I need to stop limiting myself to fashion and beauty posts and just write about whatever I feel like. So I’m going to teach you how to flower press without using an actual flower press kit.

  1. Do not wait for your flowers to completely dry out before pressing them. If you do this, they’ll break apart before you’re finished.
  2. Take your (nearly but not quite completely) dried up flower, and cut the bud from the stem as close to the head as you can. Leave a tiny bit of stem just to make sure you don’t cut into the head (this will make the petals fall off).
  3. Take a big book and open it to the middle page. Then take two sheets of kitchen roll and place one on the right-hand page of the open book.
  4. Place the flower head, as open as you can, in the middle of the page (on the kitchen roll). Once you’re happy with the placement of it, place the other piece of kitchen roll over the top and close the book.
  5. Holding it shut tight, put the book back in the bookshelf making sure it’s squished nicely in-between 2 other books (this will make sure the flower dries properly and doesn’t fall out). If you don’t have a bookshelf, place the book on a flat surface and then put something heavy on top, again making sure it’s as squished together as it can be.
  6. Leave the book shut for as long as you can – at least a week. When you eventually take the pressed flower out, be very careful as it’ll be delicate.
Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work the first couple of times – it’s easy once you get the hang of it but it’s a fiddly process.
I hope those instructions make sense to you guys! Flower pressing is so easy and, I feel, quite original. It’s not something people seem to talk about but it’s really fun and a way to hold onto memories. You can buy proper flower pressing kits/albums that are undoubtedly a lot easier to use, but I usually just put mine in frames or stick them into scrap books etc.
Until next time
Lily x

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