Wishlist: Topshop Pansy Blue Leigh Jeans

This month (and last month, oops) has been one for online shopping. I don’t know what’s come over me, I’m usually pretty good at saving but I just haven’t managed to stop myself splurging pretty much every week for the last couple of months. I think it’s because of all the sales – when there’s an excuse it’s difficult to find a reason not to! So I’m only allowing myself one more thing this month, but I have good reasons…
Basically, jeans are an absolute staple. I was never really a jeans kind of person but when Topshop brought out the ‘Joni’ jeans last year, I was overcome with excitement as they were comfy and actually suited me, something I’d never found with jeans before. So, naturally, I bought a pair in denim and black. Since then, the only pair of jeans I’ve bought was a pair of Topshop ‘Leigh’ jeans from a charity shop and I LOVE them. They’re so soft, and fit perfectly. So I vowed that I’d buy another pair at some point… Then I found the pansy blue Leigh jeans last weekend. Oh my. I wouldn’t normally get this excited about a pair of jeans, but they felt like silk on my legs and they’re a perfect bright blue colour for summer. I tried them on and instantly fell in love! The ‘Leigh’ style is actually supposed to cut off at your ankles, but I prefer them to be full-length so I actually get them 30″ long (yes, my legs are only 28″ long). What I love about Topshop jeans is they don’t just label them as ‘Size 8’ and ‘Size 6’ but the real measurements – I have a pretty small waist and short legs and jeans from any other shop are much too big/long. Also, they make your bum look good which is of course an incentive.
The only downfall is the fact that they’re pretty pricey – ยฃ38 for a pair of staple jeans that I know I’ll wear a lot is, I think, a reasonable price. But when you think about the fact that they’re just material, it does seem like quite a bit of cash to part with… This is my problem, I overthink things way too much! I’m actually going to London on Friday, so I guess if they manage to find their way into my hands, I’ll just have to buy them. I have a ยฃ20 voucher and my student discount, so there’s really no excuse…

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    February 21, 2014 at 11:02 pm

    They actually look so nice – just from the image you can tell they're comfortable!
    Hope you had fun in London ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Reply
    Lily Harper
    February 22, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    I did thank you! And they're so so comfy! x

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