U.S. Beauty Haul (Anastasia, Colourpop, Dose of Colors & More) ft. GoSend

I’m super excited to be writing this post as I know so many of you guys will benefit from it. I recently discovered a company called GoSend which basically makes it much easier for us in the U.K. to buy products from the U.S. If you’re a makeup addict like me, you’ll know it’s a lot cheaper to buy it in America, but pretty difficult to get it shipped over without horrendous shipping costs and unexpected customs charges. That’s where GoSend comes in…

When you sign up to GoSend, they give you your own U.S. address that you can enter at the checkout of any American online shop, such as Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Ulta… You get the idea. AMAZING, right? Because your order will originally be delivered to a U.S. address, you won’t be charged the extortionate shipping to the U.K. you’re usually charged. When your orders arrive at GoSend HQ, they will be placed in your personal locker. GoSend will then send you photos of all your products to make sure you’re happy with the condition of the products and that they’re the ones you ordered. The great thing about the locker is that you can order as many things as you want, and when you release the products inside they all come in the same box so you don’t need to worry about multiple shipping/customs charges. Having said that, my GoSend parcel didn’t actually get any customs charges at all, and GoSend let me know that there is a 50/50 chance you’ll get charged each time. Considering I had about £150 worth of products and mine didn’t get charged, I’m really happy to keep using them. Even if you do get any customs charges, you’re saving so much on the products you buy that it doesn’t really matter.
There are 2 membership options at GoSend: one is the basic membership which is totally free, OR there’s a VIP membership which is £6 per month. You get more discounted shipping and other special offers with this membership. I actually have a discount code for you which will get you 3 free months of VIP membership so you can test out GoSend and see if you like it. Just enter the code lilyharper when you sign up (this is NOT an affiliate code).
So, onto the haul…

Of course I had to get some things from Anastasia Beverly Hills. We can get their products here in the U.K., but at about double the price. For example, I got their Powder Contour Kit in Light/Medium for $40 (about £27) and if I’d bought it here it’d be £39. I’ve been using this non-stop since I received it and I’m loving it – the only thing to remember is that it’s very pigmented so a little goes a long way.
I also got their Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood which, as far as I know, you can’t get in England. This was only $20 which I think is a bargain for so much product. Since buying this (and 5 other liquid lipsticks in this haul…) I’ve decided it’s by far the most hydrating out of all of them. It’s a beautiful pale brown-nude shade and I’ve already got lots of wear out of it. (Swatch below)

On the same lines as nude lips, I of course had to pick up a few things from Colourpop as we can’t even get them shipped over to the U.K. yet. I got one of their Ultra Matte Lips in the shade Midi (a great dupe for Pure Hollywood) and one of their new Ultra Satin Lips in the shade Echo Park, which is more of a brown-nude (swatches for both below). I actually really wanted the shade Dopey but it went out of stock super fast, so I’ll definitely be doing another GoSend haul when it returns. At only $6 each, these are such a bargain and I’d love to have the whole lot in my makeup collection!
L-R Midi, Echo Park
I also decided to pick up one of their Super Shock Eyeshadows in the shade Fringe. Again, I really wanted the shade I Heart This but it was out of stock so I’ll be getting that one next time. These are seriously good value for money at only $5 – super pigmented and beautiful on the eyes. I’ll be doing a more in-depth review of all the Colourpop goodies I bought soon.
I then decided I couldn’t make an order without getting anything from Kat Von D as the only way to get them in the U.K. is by ordering from Sephora which can be pretty pricey. On my liquid lipstick rampage, I picked up the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Exorcism. Again, these are $20 so pretty good value for money. I drifted away from my comfort zone of nudes and got a darker berry-red shade. There were so many colours in the range it was pretty hard to decide, but this was the one that caught my eye the most. This has a slightly thinner consistency than the other liquid lipsticks I picked up but is still really nicely pigmented, so I’d recommend picking one up if you haven’t already. (Swatched below)
L-R: ABH Pure Hollywood, KVD Exorcism
 Next on the liquid lipstick list was Dose of Colours. I’d heard so much about their products, good and bad, but I wanted to decide for myself. You can get Dose of Colours in the U.K. but I managed to get this for $18, while here they’re £14.50 so quite a bit more expensive. I went for one of the cult favourite shades ‘Stone‘, a dusky rose. I’ve worn this one quite a few times since buying it and I have to say it’s the most drying out of all of them. Also, while I love the shade and application, I agree with other bloggers in that it can go a bit crumbly and patchy on the lips. I still love it because of the unique shade, but there are better formulas out there. (Swatches below)

L-R: ABH Pure Hollywood, Kat Von D Exorcism, DOC Stone, MAC Oh, Lady
The last liquid lipstick I picked up was one from MAC. I’m actually not buying makeup from MAC anymore (I learnt a lot more about animal testing when it comes to certain brands, including MAC), but I bought this before I made that decision/gained that knowledge. I will still use it until it’s gone as it’s a nice liquid lipstick, however it’s very very similar to the Kat Von D liquid lipstick (swatches above), so if you’re a non-animal cruelty makeup buyer too or just missed out on the MAC liquid lipsticks, you can buy the Kat Von D one for the same price. I actually also prefer the consistency of the KVD one. Having said that, I was really happy with the price of this; in the U.K. they were £20 (and sold out very quickly) and I bought it for $20, making it almost half price. In terms of packaging, I know this product has mixed reviews but I personally really like it as I like the packaging of their original lipsticks. The liquid lipsticks have a similar scent to the original lipsticks which makes them really attractive, but I’d say they’re pretty expensive for the amount of product and, even if I still bought from MAC, I probably wouldn’t repurchase this.
Now, this wouldn’t be much of a makeup haul without a highlighter, would it? I decided to pick up the Laura Geller Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey as it’s pretty much always sold out in the U.K. This is a gorgeously pigmented (and very shimmery) champagne gold highlighter, and different to all the other highlighters I own. It’s definitely not, for me anyway, a day-to-day highlighter so I’ll keep it for special occasions and nights out, but I’m so glad I picked it up for just $26 when in the U.K. it’s £22, again saving me nearly £10.
Another super hyped up brand in the U.S. is Morphe. These are some of my favourite products from this whole haul and probably my most exciting brand discovery. I’m so so impressed with the pigmentation, colour range and general quality of these eyeshadows and I can’t wait to buy more. All the shades I got were quite purple/mauve toned as I don’t have many like that in my collection, and I am honestly just blown away by them. The single eyeshadows are only $2.37 each so just over £1 (in the U.K. we only have a selection of about 5 colours and they’re £2), and I’d say they’re worth so much more than that – easily better than MAC eyeshadows. I’m currently away on holiday and they are the only eyeshadows I’ve brought with me.

Last but most definitely not least was the beautiful Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette from Too Faced. As I’m writing this, this palette is not yet available in the U.K. but it’s coming out very soon, and I expect it’ll follow the pattern of other Too Faced palettes and be about £32. I got this for $36 from Ulta which I thought was incredible! I was already a huge fan of Too Faced in general, specifically their eyeshadow palettes, and this has just intensified my love affair even more.

I hope you guys enjoyed this beauty haul, do let me know if you use GoSend and which products you decide to pick up, I’d love to know! If you’d like to see the products in action in my video of this haul, click here or on the video below.

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