Top 5 Places To Visit In York

Over the course of the past 10 months I’ve spent a lot of time in York and feel like I’ve got to know the city pretty well. Though it has a pretty good night life, there are also a few (mainly food) places I felt I had to share with you in case any of you are visiting any time soon!

1) Evil Eye
‣ Some of you may have already heard of Evil Eye. It’s a cocktail bar that has a huuuge menu of completely original (and very alcoholic) cocktails, martinis etc. It’s also Johnny Depp’s favourite bar, and I’d say that’s incentive enough to go! I had Pirate’s Passion…

2) The Minster
‣ If you’re going to York, whether it’s ‘your thing’ or not, you just have to go to the Minster. It’s incredible to walk around, even if it’s just for half an hour. There’s something really calming about churches and cathedrals, even if you’re not religious.

3) Betty’s

‣ Before visiting York, I’d never actually heard of Betty’s tea rooms before, but it’s a limited chain of (very fancy) tea rooms. Joe took me here for afternoon tea and, though we felt like utter tourists, we had such a lovely time. It’s pretty pricey and I’d consider making a booking next time as it was very busy, but it’s great for a treat.

4) Piccolino
‣ My favourite restaurant in York is, without a doubt, Piccolino. It’s so super affordable and DELICIOUS, and the manager is lovely too. Joe and I went twice and came away completely satisfied both times. It’s an Italian so there’s everything from pizza to pasta to risotto to salads – and there was so much to choose from for us veggies! Yay!

5) The Shops
‣ Finally, I have to mention the shopping. Naturally. What I love about York is you’ve got all the regular high street shops, but there are also little boutiques of the more high end stores like Jo Malone tucked away in cobbled off-streets. Plus, there’s a big Mac store so that’s already a winner for me!

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