The Kylie Jenner Lip: Lime Crime ‘Cashmere’ Liquid Lipstick Review

Pretty much everyone is on the hunt for their perfect ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip colour. Though we all know her lips aren’t au naturale, they’ve inspired the comeback of the dusty rose 90’s lip trend and, of course, taking over-drawing lips to a whole new level. As you makeup junkies will know, Kylie recently brought out her own range of liquid lipstick kits that sold out in a matter of minutes. I was disappointed at first, but I made it my mission to find a good old dupe for those of us who missed out. After googling swatches and avidly reading reviews for hours, here’s what I found…

Now, I just want to put a little disclaimer out there: I am aware of the scandal surrounding Lime Crime and would not buy from them directly anymore, which is a shame because the vegan/cruelty free ethic of the company is really appealing to me. I actually bought this Velvetine from a seller on Depop, which happens to be one of my favourite ways of buying discounted makeup (just make sure the product is properly sanitised before you use it). I’d also recommend using love-makeup.co.uk if you’re in the UK; I’ve bought from that site before and trust it. So, now that’s cleared up, onto the review.
As I said, I managed to get this on Depop meaning it was ยฃ10 in stead of RRP ยฃ14. Seeing as most liquid lipsticks on the market are in the region of ยฃ15-20, I thought this was a brilliant price and was really excited to receive it after the beautiful swatches I’d seen online.

Ignore the fact that only one of my eyes is made up – I was filming the Power of Makeup video!
Lime Crime describes Cashmere as a greige, which I’d say is pretty spot on. It’s a cool-toned grey brown, and from what I’ve seen online looks like a great dupe for the Kylie lip kit in Dolce K. I pair it with my NYX lip liner in Mauve which works really well and definitely gives my lips a full, plumped effect. In terms of longevity, it is honestly the most impressive product I have ever put on my face. I applied it as soon as it arrived, and then proceeded to have copious amounts of tea and my supper – and it didn’t budge. In fact, it was actually quite difficult to remove at the end of the day.

The photo below shows a swatch about 30 seconds after I applied it to my wrist. As you can see, the top half has already completely mattified. The bottom half had more product so took a little longer to dry, but the whole process only took about a minute until it was secure.

When first applied to the lips, it is very much a velvet texture but quickly dries to an ultra matte finish. I was really pleasantly surprised because it gives a completely opaque colour, but isn’t drying in the slightest and actually feels lightweight; as someone who gets very chapped lips in the Winter, liquid lipsticks are usually a big no from me. In terms of scent, it smells pretty strongly of vanilla cupcakes which I personally LOVE, but I know some people really aren’t keen on strong scented products (it wears off once the product has dried).

I’m not sure when Lime Crime originally released the Velvetine range, but they would make a great Valentine’s gift. The beautiful red rose packaging makes the product even more special and the frosted glass effect bottle looks and feels very luxurious. The applicator is a standard doe-foot applicator: fuss-free and quick to apply. The one thing I do find is, because the product is so opaque, you probably don’t need as much as the applicator picks up so I tend to wipe a bit off on the side.

Lime Crime offers their Velvetine liquid lipstick in an impressive range of 21 shades, and there are definitely some other colours on my wish list. In terms of dupes, I’d say Cashmere is very similar to the Kylie lip kit in Dolce K and, while Kylie’s lip kits are pretty affordable, Lime Crime’s offering is much easier to get your hands on. It’s really unfortunate that there’s so much stigma surrounding Lime Crime now because their products are beautiful, but I’d really recommend checking them out at other retailers because, for the price, this liquid lipstick can’t be beaten. Have you tried out any other Lime Crime products? Or any other dupes for the Kylie lip kits? I’d love to know!
See it in action here:

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