The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Salzburg

My first solo trip. Ever. In the home of The Sound of Music! By the time it actually rolled around, I had no nerves left because I just couldn’t wait to be my own boss and not have to discuss each day’s itinerary with someone else and hope we wanted to do the same thing! I love having a travel buddy but it was so much fun to step out of my comfort zone.

As a self-professed musical fanatic, I spent a lot of my research time for Salzburg on the various shooting locations for The Sound of Music and which ones I could visit myself  (wow, reading this back makes me realise how lame I am). There are several tour companies that you can go on, but I decided to save the dosh and work it out myself as part of my solo-trip-new-found confidence. You could even say, I had confidence in me….. hehe

Mirabell Gardens (one of the most famous Sound of Music filming locations and beautiful to walk around)
*The* Do Re Mi steps
Schloss Leopoldskron – the Von Trapp house which is now a hotel that you can stay in!
The Sound of Music gazebo at Hellbrunn Palace
I ended up trespassing to get to one of the filming locations (N.B.: not condoning trespassing…) but it was so worth it. I had the best few days there exploring on my own, working out the public transport and tracking down vegan cafes – there’s a great one called BackWerk on the east side of the city right by Staatsbrucke where I stocked up on sandwiches.

Hohensalzburg Castle Climb on Festungsberg – the abbey from The Sound of Music is here and you get an amazing view of St Peters Abbey too
Nonnberg Abbey
Hohensalzburg Castle
The view from Hohensalzburg
Getreidegasse for shopping and Mozart’s birthplace
As you’ll find out in my Vienna post coming later this week, the two cities, though close together, are so different. If you have time, I would suggest visiting both because I got such different experiences from the two of them. They’re only a cheap and cheerful 2-hour bus journey apart so it’s really easy.

If I was going back to Salzburg, I would definitely do the day trip to Halstatt which is about 2 hours away. It looks incredibly picturesque and serene but I didn’t have quite enough time to go, which is all the more reason to head back soon…

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