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One of the biggest perks of being a YouTuber/Blogger is that every now and then, people take the time to email you and ask you to try out their products. The lovely Nicole from Stack Pancakes Jewellery (http://www.stackpancakes.co.uk) let me pick a few pieces from her website, and I thought I’d do a little review on here as well as YouTube as I’ve been really loving them!

This ‘White Retro Ring’ really reminded me of some I’ve seen in places like Topshop and Accessorize over the years, and seeing as it’s only £3 I had to snap it up! It’s definitely an oversized ring but it’s not overbearing, so you still don’t really have to think about whether it goes with whatever else you’re wearing. I’ve always wanted a ring like this, particularly for summertime as I don’t really have any statement rings and I usually wear more jewellery in summer to compensate for less clothing! This ring also comes in turquoise and black and you can get it here.

This is definitely one of my favourites of the items as it is SO wearable and adorable. I’ve actually been wearing it as a thumb ring but you can wear it on whichever finger you like. Again, this is super affordable at only £2. It comes in gold too and you can find it here.

Midi rings are another accessory I have always always wanted as they’re a bit different and again, SO CUTE. These midi rings come in silver and gold, and various styles. The picture actually shows both of the styles I chose, with a pack of smaller ones and a pack of different sized ones. Unfortunately, some of these are a little bit too big for my tiny fingers, but one of my friends loves them and has already bagsied the ones that don’t fit! For only £2 and £3.50 they’re very cheap for such good quality.
Onto bracelets, the two I got are both absolutely beautiful. The first is a brighter gold ‘Twist Knit Bangle’ that will definitely add some bling to your outfit without being tacky. This is definitely going to be a regularly used piece for me during summer! You can buy it here for £3.

My favourite item of all of them is this dainty heart bangle. I’ve had several compliments on it already – I think it’s just beautiful and I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t like it. It definitely looks more expensive than it is (only £2!?!) and could even be a little gift for any occasion. I’ve also noticed it’s almost a rose gold rather than gold, which you can’t go wrong with! You can buy it here 🙂

Onto necklaces – there was actually a really nice gold chain bracelet but it was sold out, boo. So I got this ‘double curb’ chain necklace in stead (even though I already have a gold chain necklace, oops). Similar to the heart bangle this is actually more of a rose gold which I love, and it’s much more feminine than my bigger chain from Topshop which is very chunky and harder to pair with different outfits, so this necklace is a win for me and a bargain at only £3. You can also check out lengths etc on Nicole’s website.

This next item was a bit of a change for me as I don’t own anything like this. It’s called a snake chain because of the pattern of the metal, and I absolutely love how this falls around my neck. It does come in gold too, but personally I preferred silver in this style. I’m yet to wear this but I can imagine lots of outfits to wear it with. You can buy it here for £4.
I was so excited about this necklace because there was one in Accessorize almost exactly the same last summer for £12, so when I saw this for only £5 it became top of the list. I already know this will be my ultimate summer statement necklace which is something that’s been on my list for a while! You can buy it here.

I rarely wear earrings because of a rip in my ear 🙁 but I do occasionally pick up a new pair to try out. Because of the rip in my ear they can’t be too heavy, so I was pleased when I found that these are actually pretty light for how big they are. They’re a lovely pink glass-looking clove design that look very sophisticated and can be dressed up or down as you please. Buy them here for £2.50!

Stack Pancakes is a really lovely, affordable brand with a wide range of statement and subtle jewellery for every type of person. With pieces as cheap as £1 you can’t really go wrong and I’d recommend absolutely everyone to go and check Nicole’s brand out. Also, my order came the day after she sent it – another reason to try out some of these beautiful pieces!

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