Speedy Sundays: Update & Barcelona Pictures

Parc de Ciutadella (stolen from Connie)

To those of you who are still checking up on my blog after 6 months of no posts – thank you and I can’t apologise enough for disappearing off the face of the earth with no warning or clue as to what happened to me. Contrary to what I’m sure some of you have started to think, I haven’t died. Neither have I stopped posting or YouTubing – I just ended up having the summer off because a few things happened that made changes to my life.

I’m going to do my best to give you a bit of an update, and as I was off the radar for about half a year, this won’t be a particularly ‘speedy’ Sunday post!
So back in March (when I last posted) I was beginning to get nervy about exams and revision pretty much took over. I’ll be honest (hopefully without putting any of you off doing A Levels), it was a really stressful time. Everyone gets antsy, snappy and tired and it becomes difficult to balance your social life and school life, which is unfortunate as meeting up with friends and going out is the ultimate release for exam stress. Luckily, I have a group of amazing friends and we all pushed each other through those nasty couple of months and came out the other side feeling exhausted but really proud of each other, and that sense of relief is like no other!
On the last day of our exams, my friends and I went out in the nearest town, Swindon. (If you can, I would advise you to avoid this place at all costs.) Of all nights, I really wasn’t expecting it to be particularly life changing but it ended up bringing me closer to someone I now can’t imagine not being in my life, and who I’ve spent a lot of this summer with.
To finish off the summer, we all went to Barcelona at the beginning of September. Those days were without a doubt some of the best days I’ve had this year. I forgot what it felt like to be care free in a hot country with the people closest to you. I took way too many pictures to put them all on this post, so I’ll just add a few of my favourites…

My boyfriend is hotter than yours
Connie in the boys’ apartment
Sweeties on La Rambla market
Exploring the city
Our last night at the magic fountain of Montjuic
More of the magic fountain…
*Cheesy couple photo*
Joe & Barcelona graffiti
So now, as we officially approach the end of summer (cry), it’s come to the time when I actually have to say goodbye to a lot of special people as they venture off to uni. It’s really odd that it’s actually come around; we’ve all been talking about this since we were kids and it felt like such a long time away. I can’t express how proud and excited I am for each of them, I know they’ll all do amazingly well in whatever they choose to do. I, however, am staying at home over the next year and working in attempt to put away as much money as humanly possible (and hopefully move out this time next year).
So that’s a bit of an update on what’s been happening. I’ll no doubt be posting more than ever over the next few months to take my mind off of missing people! So I promise not to go M.I.A again any time soon…
Thanks for reading (and sticking around)!
Lil x

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