Soap and Glory

So here are some of my favourite cosmetics, most of them being from Soap & Glory. I loooove Soap & Glory purely for how all their products smell. Plus, they’re all pink! So first is the Glow Lotion (£5.50). It’s sort of shimmery and a pale colour. It’s really nice but has limited uses, you’re meant to apply it to your ‘best assets’ but I just use it on my cheekbones as a highlighter (sounds silly but it’s good.)

Then there’s another little body lotion from The Body Shop (£8) which smells of raspberries and makes your skin feel sooooo good. I prefer my Soap & Glory body butter but it’s a nice back-up!
The set of 3 Soap & Glory body sprays (£8) are my saviour. I carry one with me everywhere and they’re all so nice; they’re quite musty which I really like but they’re all slightly different.
Easy Glistening (£5.50) is one of my favourite Soap & Glory products as it smells and looks nice and you can pretty much use it anywhere. It’s just a glittery moisturising spray but as I have quite sensitive skin I can’t really apply much in one go or it’s a bit irritating.
The last big thing is the Righteous Butter which is a bit more expensive (£10.50) but it’s so worth it – there’s loads in a pot and it takes ages to get through it all so it lasts a long time. It smells like all the other S&G products and is probably my favourite. I’ve had it since last Autumn and still have hardly made a mark in it!
Then my little products are: Batiste mini dry shampoo (Floral & Fruity – £2.99) which is another one of my saviours! And Hand Food mini (£2.50) and Hand Maid (£2.50). I use both of these every day, it’s just a force of habit now.
Out of all of these I’d really recommend the Righteous Butter and the body sprays from Soap & Glory. Thank you for reading, if you’ve got any other Soap & Glory products I should try out let me know!

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    Eilish Cooling
    January 6, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    ahhh lil, you're actually the cutest thing ever. i love your blog :') plus actually love all of those things above, especially the soap and glory sprays 😉 i still have them in my bag at all times too! :') hahah awww laaaav eilish xx

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    Lily Harper
    January 18, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    Awwww Eilish! Thank you for reading it :') aw you were the one that introduced me to them in the first place! Xxx

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