Rome: June 2017

Roma, where we ended our incredible trip and wanted to stay forever. Rome is one of those places you don’t quite realise how special it is until a few months later when memories settle. It’s got everything going for it and more – we went to the opera one night and Ariana Grande the next, wandered around Trastevere to get cocktails and took typical tourist pics by the Trevi Fountain – we even witnessed an engagement on the Spanish Steps. Five days unfortunately wasn’t quite long enough to fit everything in that we wanted to do – but I guess that’s all the more reason to go back.

Rome most definitely was not built in a day. I can totally see why people end up going back time and time again – there is always more to see. The things we didn’t see that I’d love to go back for were Galleria Borghese and Castel Sant’Angelo, but here’s everything we did do…
We decided to stay in another Air BnB which was about a 10 minute walk from the main train station – and next to a vegan restaurant that did carbonara!! We had a huge apartment to ourselves including a kitchen (a top tip if you want to save a bit of money). Although one night I got locked out and had to sleep in the outside bathroom because I couldn’t wake Joe up… but we won’t go into that.

Of course we spent a day at the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum, and also the Pantheon (although that’s separate to the others). We also had a little rest in Piazza Navona which is about a 2 minute walk from the Pantheon. You really cannot go to Rome without seeing them; you’d be hard-pressed to find anything quite like it in other countries, and certainly not in England!

We had a typical tourist afternoon throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain and walking up the Spanish Steps, and we even witnessed someone propose to their girlfriend there! It was so beautiful, the hundreds of people standing around all started clapping *sheds tear*

If you have enough time, the Vatican is totally worth the journey, queuing and money. I promise. You’re totally spoilt with art, and what an amazing view. The Sistine Chapel is at the end of the Vatican Museums too so you can see the famous Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. Be sneaky with cameras, though.

Make sure to go for a cocktail (or five) in Trastevere. We luckily had a friend there who showed us around and gave us some tips, but one evening wasn’t enough – whenever I go back to Rome I’d love to stay in this district. The walk back over the bridge at the end of the evening was when I realised I’d totally fallen in love with Italy.
We also went to a couple of contrasting shows – Ariana Grande (which was amazing, love you Ari), but a little more culturally appropriate: the opera on our last night. We were both blown away and agreed it was the perfect way to end our trip.

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