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I am forever adding to my makeup wish list and Charlotte Tilbury is definitely the key contributor at the moment. I own her Lip Cheat in the shade Pillow Talk and it’s been my favourite lip liner since the day I got it, so naturally I want to try out a few more of her products. Charlotte has been a makeup artist for a long time and clearly knows her stuff; watching interviews with her talking about her products is so inspirational and demonstrates how much thought goes into each and every one, but I’ve narrowed my wish list down to these 8 items (and believe me, it was hard enough to narrow it down this much).

Lip Cheat: Iconic Nude
As I’ve tried and loved the Pillow Talk lip cheat, I had a look at the other shades on offer and found that Iconic Nude looks like a slightly paler, more brown-toned nude which is generally the shade of lipstick I go for on an everyday basis. Charlotte’s lip liners go on so smoothly but do not budge once they’re on, and the range of colours is beautiful. At £16 they’re a pretty standard price and so worth every penny, in my opinion.
Though I have quite the collection of old mascaras to get through, I can’t get this one out of my head or off my wish list. I’ve heard so many great things about it and the PACKAGING *heart eyes emoji*. Although let’s face it: Charlotte Tilbury packaging is just out of this world on every product. She’s actually bringing out a new mascara really soon that’s supposed to give you very full, Hollywood-esque lashes so it’ll be interesting to read reviews and see which one performs better.
Now, this one is probably a bit unrealistic – at least for now. Charlotte actually told the story of this cream on a video on the Pixiwoo YouTube channel recently. As the story goes, Charlotte would use this cream on models before she did their makeup and the celebrities loved it so much that they actually named it ‘Charlotte’s Magic Cream’. They would beg her to use it on them whenever she saw them and they all wanted their own little pot, so she was kind enough to make it a whole product for anyone and everyone to use. However, I’m guessing it’s that lovely story that gave it the hefty price tag of £70, so I sadly won’t be getting this anytime soon. However, Charlotte does also offer the Magic Foundation Kit which, for only £10 more, offers her Magic Foundation with a 15ml pot of the Magic Cream.
This is something I wasn’t particularly interested in until, again, I heard Charlotte herself talking about it. It’s a duo of an eye cream and a very natural looking concealer/light reflector at the other end, so if you’re not keen on the heavily concealed look but still want beautiful, bag-free under eyes this product looks great. The eye cream features Hyaluronic acid to boost moisture levels (along with plenty of other amazing ingredients) and the concealer end was actually inspired by photographer’s silver light reflector and has “a million lights” that reflect and diffuse under eye circles and signs of ageing. At £29 and for two products in one I’d say this is pretty good value for money.

Charlotte’s new foundation is one of the only products I’ve tried from her range and I got along with it so well. You can watch my first impressions video here. I was so impressed with the range of colour, the consistency and texture, the longevity and the feel of it on my skin. It had a beautiful full coverage matte finish but somehow retained a slight glow to my skin; I will undoubtedly be buying the full size product when I need a new foundation.

This wouldn’t be much of a wish list without a highlighter, would it? You guys know by now I am an absolute highlighter addict and this one just looks amazing – the packaging, the shade, the pigmentation, everything about this looks amazing and I won’t rest until it’s in my makeup drawers! It’s quite a bit more shimmery/gold than anything else I have but I am all about that glow, so the brighter the better.

And last but certainly not least, the Colour Chameleon in the shade Black Diamonds. What I love about Charlotte Tilbury makeup is that she puts so much effort into creating makeup for everyone – every skin tone, every skin type, every eye colour, even every hair colour. She literally takes everything into account. Her Colour Chameleon eyeshadow sticks come in a daytime and nighttime shade for every eye colour, and Black Diamonds is supposed to be the best for a nighttime look for blue eyes. I must say, I didn’t gravitate towards this shade but if Charlotte says it’ll work, I’mma buy it. I’ve always loved eyeshadow sticks for their ease of application and travel friendliness, but I don’t have any darker smoky ones so I can’t wait to get this!

I hope this post was helpful in giving you a bit more of an insight to Charlotte Tilbury products, I love putting together wish list posts because I actually really love reading other people’s myself. This list will no doubt grow in the near future with all of CT’s new releases, so make sure you click that +Bloglovin button on the righthand side to keep up to date with my posts. Thanks for reading!

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