Illamasqua Blush ‘Unrequited’

Illamasqua is a brand raved about by lots of beauty bloggers and YouTubes, and I’ve always wanted to try out their products, particularly their blushers. They’ve got a lovely colour range for all different skin tones, and are really pigmented too. So when one came up on Depop, naturally I snapped it up! The colour I bought was ‘Unrequited’ – a brilliantly bright pink. I think it’s definitely a love or hate product because of how bright it is, but I am definitely on the loving side of things due to the natural rosiness of my cheeks; it just evens them out and looks really pretty on.
I’ve been wearing it with another new purchase, my Bobbi Brown illuminating bronzing powder in ‘Antigua’ and it’s just such a gorgeous combination. Antigua is a sheer, shimmery pink bronzer. On top of these two products I use Sleek’s highlighter in Light and I really think I’ve found the ultimate summer trio! They just look perfect all together. I’m not sure how it would look on darker skin tones, but I’m very pale and I just love love love it.
The blusher itself is very pigmented so you only need a small amount. I use my Real Techniques stippling brush to ensure that I only get a small amount and that it’s evenly distributed on my cheeks. I can imagine this looking a bit ridiculous if you put more than a couple of layers on!
If you’re thinking of purchasing an Illamasqua blush, this is one of their brighter ones and if you’re just starting out buying higher end products it’d probably be better to go for one of their more neutral shades.

I know it looks a bit scary in the photos, but once blended and mixed with other products it’s really not as bright at all! If the beautiful product isn’t enough incentive to make you buy it, Illamasqua packaging is lovely too. You can’t go wrong! Thank you for reading, I hope this helped! Please leave a comment if there are any Illamasqua products you’d recommend and I’ll see you all soon โ™ก

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