Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette Review

Just. Look. At. It. I’ve been looking forward to writing this post since Christmas when my lovely (and far too generous) boyfriend got it for me. The palette had very mixed reviews when it was first released as people thought it wasn’t worth the money; the main complaint being that the pans were too small. But as somebody who didn’t own/had never tried any products from Hourglass, I thought it was a really good way for me to try them all out at the same time.

The gorgeous palette holds 6 of their popular powders: Dim Light, Iridescent Light (new), Diffused Light, Mood Exposure, Luminous Flush and Luminous Bronze Light. Each pan is 1.4 grams, so when in comparison with their usual size of 9.9 grams for £38, you are technically getting less for your money. BUT, I personally thought it was 100% worth the splurge of £65 as I had never tried out any other Hourglass products and saw it as a chance (or excuse) to try out 6 at once.

Dim Light is one of their ambient lighting powders which, as far as I know, are designed to be dusted all over the face to add a sheen and very slight shimmer to your makeup. The first time I tried this, I ended up very orange and sadly accepted that it was going to be a shade I just didn’t reach for. However, I’ve actually discovered it makes a really nice natural bronzer on my pale skin or as an overlay on other bronzers to give them a bit of a sheen. It would also be a lovely powder for deeper skin tones.
Iridescent Light was one of the most exciting powders in the palette as it was brand new to Hourglass’ range at the time. Unsurprisingly, the Strobing Powders have since become a permanent addition to their line. I use this when I want a subtle highlight all over the face as opposed to strongly highlighted cheekbones. It just achieves a beautiful glow-from-within look and looks super natural.
Diffused Light is one of my most used powders as I use it on a daily basis to set my under eye concealer – it works beautifully with my Real Techniques setting brush. It’s just a little bit lighter than my natural skin tone so it nicely highlights without making me look washed out or too powdery.
Mood Exposure is my current favourite blush of all the ones I own. When first looking at the palette it looks like it might be quite a difficult one to wear as it almost looks a bit purple, but on the cheeks it has a stunning natural bronze hue and looks lovely when you’ve got a bit of a tan. I often mix this with Dim Light as a bronze/blush duo.
Luminous Flush is probably my least used shade as I find it the hardest to wear. Having said that, I’ve only had this palette since December so it might be a really nice blush for the summer months. What I like about this palette is that it’s very customisable, so I often mix this with other shades to create something a bit more wearable.
Luminous Bronze Light is just the most beautiful bronzer I have ever used. I certainly wouldn’t use it as a contour shade as it’s very warm, but I’ve never come across a bronzer before this one that gives me a sun-kissed warmness to my skin without making me look like an oompa loompa (which is very difficult to avoid when you’re as fair as I am). It’s also got the same luminous glow that runs through the other powders so it’s perfect for making you look a bit more radiant and awake.

The packaging follows the formula of their other products: a metallic hue, in this case, pale gold. My only issue is that it does get dirty and scratched quite quickly, but it’s very robust and protects the inside products well, which should be the priority after all.
Even if you already own some of the powders in this palette, I would seriously recommend purchasing it. I know it’s not in everybody’s price range but at about £10 per pan, it’s actually quite affordable when you break it down and totally worth the price tag when you’re getting to try out so many different products. I also think this will last me a long time as I’ve had it for over 2 months and barely made a dent in it – baring in mind it’s been my travel companion everywhere I’ve gone. Do let me know if you end up picking it up for yourself/if you already own it and what your thoughts are, I’d love to know your guys’ opinion. Thanks for reading, as always, and see you next time.

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