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A question I get asked a lot on my Instagram is what make-up I use/what products are my favourites. So I thought I’d tell you all! (If you’re broke like me, this should be a helpful and affordable blog post!) If you prefer your make-up quite bold and striking this probably won’t be very useful to you – I don’t generally wear too much make-up on a daily basis.

(sorry for the awful photo quality)
01 I couldn’t find a good photo of this but I ALWAYS put on moisturiser before any make-up. I don’t know how anyone copes without doing this; my skin isn’t even dry but it helps so much when applying foundation. It just blends much easier and doesn’t go patchy. (I also put it on my eyelids as a kind of second best primer.)
02 I then put on Benefit’s Wow foundation. I’ve never been a huge fan of Benefit cosmetics purely because of the cost, but I was recently swayed by a sales assistant and bought a couple of products. This is a great foundation, which is something for me to say because I’ve never been much of a foundation user at all. I have it in the palest tone which is still a little dark for me! But it blends really well and never leaves tide lines.
03 I don’t always use powder but I *hate* the ‘wet foundation’ look that just ends up making your skin look and feel worse! But as I don’t always use foundation and when I do I use a small amount, I only really use powder when I need to even out the foundation. The one I use is Fit Me by Maybelline – so cheap and comes with a cute little pink sponge (are they called sponges?)
04 Another Benefit that has managed to make it’s way into my possession is Porefessional. I only have a mini tube of this and use it sparingly as I don’t feel great about the price of the full thing! I have to say it’s something I could live without, but on days when I don’t wear skin make-up, I’ll dab a bit of this on my nose and it works really well and does what it’s supposed to.
05 My blusher is a really cheap little Rimmel one. It’s a really pale shade of pink – I can’t go too bright with such an ivory complexion *cries*
06 My absolute favourite part now – Brow Zings by Benefit. This is definitely worth the money; I’ve had it about a month, used it nearly every day and hardly made a dent in it. It comes with a pigmented wax that fills in and keeps your eyebrows in shape, and a little paler powder to even it out afterwards. It also comes with the two brushes for each section and some cute tweezers. It looks pretty natural too, you just have to be careful not to go too OTT!
07 I use various mascaras but my favourite at the moment is Maybelline’s Rocket. (I’m sure I would prefer Benefit’s They’re Real but I’m completely skint at the moment so won’t be enjoying that for a while!) This mascara is a little bit clumpy for my liking but luckily I don’t have to use too much as my eyelashes are already quite long.
08 The last product I’ll talk about is another little cheap number – the Seventeen lipstick ‘Pinked’. It looks incredibly bright but doesn’t look bad on. The only thing I’d say is that it might favour pale skin/dark hair – I think it’s my combo of this that makes it look quite subtle.

Thanks for reading guys, if you’ve got any good make-up products that you think I should try, please comment below!

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