Bill’s Restaurant

I haven’t done any reviews for anything other than cosmetics so far, but I went to the loveliest deli restaurant yesterday and just had to blog about it!

I’m not sure how well known it is, but I’ve only just recently heard about it. It’s called Bill’s Restaurant, and it’s a chain of about 15 dotted around the country. It was originally one little restaurant in East Sussex but became so popular that more and more were made. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and their own range of products in a little delicatessen alongside the restaurant.

First of all, the atmosphere was great. The staff were cheery and the layout meant, even though it was jam packed, the overall feel was bustle-y and fun rather than stressful and sweaty! Though there isn’t a great deal to choose from, both vegetarian dishes are amazing. I had the halloumi and hummus burger with skin on fries and Bill’s pink lemonade (which you can also get with a vanilla ice cream float), and I loved every part of my meal. The lemonade even came with little strawberries in it. My mum had the other veggie dish which was a broad bean and sage risotto which, although looks a little odd being bright green, was so so yummy. There are also a lot of great meat-eater options from pies to steaks to burgers.

A great little touch I loved was that they leave a small paper bag and pencil in the middle of your table for you to tick the boxes of whatever you want to buy from the deli, and they go and get it for you while you eat your meal. They sell a range of delicious treats from condiments to champagne truffles and Bill’s own pink lemonade and beer.

If you get the chance, I’d seriously recommend going here. The breakfast looked amazing so I’ll definitely have to go back for that one day! Prices are pretty much parallel with most other restaurants ranging from £8-11 for a meal, so it’s pretty affordable.

Just a quick post about something a little different but something I really wanted to share with you all. Let me know if you go and what you think!

Lily x

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