Betty’s Tea Rooms

My favourite places to discover and explore are actually restaurants and cafes. I was visiting my boyfriend in York last weekend and we came across Betty’s Tea Rooms (the fact that he’d heard of it before and I hadn’t made me question whether he really is a 19-year-old boy), but I’m so glad we went; it’s definitely a new favourite!

I think they’re limited to the North of England, so I’m sorry if you’re a Southerner like me! But if you ever get the chance to go, I’d say it’s a must. (You can find a list of their stores over on their website)
Joe and I got their classic afternoon tea which is a selection of yummy sandwiches, cakes and a pot of tea. Along with a coffee for Joe, it came to over ยฃ20 so it’s certainly not a budget tea break, but so worth it! You’re almost paying for the experience rather than the food and drink itself. The service is great and I’ve truly never eaten in such a lovely building. It’s open and bright, and the decor is beautiful.

If not for yourself, Betty’s is the absolute perfect place to take your parents or grandparents as a little treat (and the tea was by far the best I’ve tasted)!

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