Benefit Cosmetics Review

I recently went shopping as I actually had some money for once! Of course I gave into every temptation and it was almost gone in a matter of hours. But one thing I have to say I was pretty much bullied into buying were some Benefit cosmetics. The sales lady somehow managed to get me to spend ยฃ50 within 5 minutes – I think I was swayed by the idea of a ‘free item’ (which turned out to be a make-up bag that I didn’t want).

01 Brow Zings eyebrow kit ยฃ22.50 – I love this product because of the definition it gives. It uses a tinted wax to shape and define the brows and then a paler powder to fill in any gaps. The only thing I’d say is that although I naturally have jet black eyebrows, the medium shade works well for me. I’d only go for the dark kit if you’re going for a ‘scouser’ look!

02 Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation ยฃ24.50 – I’m not usually a foundation kind of girl but after using this I’m much more okay with it. It’s really light feeling so your face doesn’t become irritated or have that ‘swamped’ feeling. It also blends really well into the skin – I’m naturally a really pale white colour but I bought ‘Ivory believe in me’ which is a couple of shades darker and still blends well. (I just don’t look so vampirish now!)

I would definitely purchase more Benefit products in the future; they’re expensive but such good quality and last a long time. If anyone has any suggestions for what I could buy next, let me know!

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