Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator ‘So Hollywood’ Review

The ABH Illuminators are possibly the most difficult highlighters to get your hands on, especially So Hollywood. I’m still not quite sure how I managed to do it considering my luck is usually pretty bad when it comes to things like this. Nevertheless, it’s now proudly situated in my highlighter stash and I see it as my duty to talk to you guys about it. Miraculously, it’s actually still in stock so if you’ve been eyeing it up for ages like I have, I’d get a move on!

For starters, the packaging is the usual offering from ABH: classic, chic and simple. Though it’s made of plastic, it doesn’t feel at all on the cheap side and the writing on the front hasn’t worn away as of yet (it’s been in my makeup drawers for several months). You can never go wrong with a bit of rose gold…

For $28, you get a fair amount of product. Anastasia is great for its low prices and value for money, and the Illuminators are no exception. The beautiful design on the product is a good indicator of how quickly you’re going to use it up; I’ve used it about 20 times and it’s barely changed the indent at all.

Onto the most important bit: the actual product. Yes, the packaging is sturdy and the design is pretty but would I actually repurchase this? The answer is probably not. But that’s the case for all of my highlighters bar one: Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm. Highlighters take a while to use up so I’m happy that I’ll have this for a few years, and as shown in the picture it is a gorgeous light gold, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to Mary Lou. If you have a deeper complexion, you might prefer So Hollywood as Mary Lou is very pale (the main reason I like it). But they actually have very similar formulas: smooth, pigmented and finely milled. The only key difference for me is that So Hollywood has larger particles of glitter which are particularly noticeable in daylight.

So, in a nutshell, it’s beautiful and opaque but I’m still yet to find a highlighter that I’d place above Mary Lou Manizer. This is a close second and definitely above the likes of Laura Geller’s Gilded Honey, which in my opinion feels pretty cheaply made/value for money is poor, and Colourpop’s which are a little too ‘wet’ for my liking. If you love collecting highlighters, it’s a must have, especially if you’re of a deeper skin tone. If you’re fair like me, I’d say go for Starlight (which I would have gone for but So Hollywood was the only shade restocked). Anastasia will always get points from me for being Cruelty Free, but this product isn’t a desert island essential for me. When I finally manage to get Starlight I will of course do another review, but I just can’t imagine anyone doing highlighters better than The Balm.

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