Walks in the Gower Gorse

A little bench we found overlooking Three Cliffs Bay

One of the most serene walks we’ve trundled over the past year was in the Gower Peninsula. There is a plethora of different routes you can take to immerse yourself in nature in this particular corner of the world, but the one we chose will take you to Three Cliffs Bay. With the ability to stand and watch the crashing waves and seek refuge in the thick gorse bushes when it starts to rain, this is the perfect British winter walk.

First off, make your way to the South Gate National Trust Car Park. From here, there are a few paths you can follow but we walked over the headland to Three Cliffs Bay. There is a marked path (covered in horse tracks – it’s hard to miss) which we strayed from a little so we could walk closer to the cliffside and in amongst the gorse which was brilliantly yellow at the time. Going off the trail resulted in us finding a secluded little tuft of grass jutting off the edge of the cliff, with a picturesque bench all to ourselves. There wasn’t another person in sight.

This route can also lead you to Pennard Castle – it started hailing when we were out so we cut our wander a bit short, but if we go back we’d love to explore a bit more. From the car park, it would probably take around 90 minutes to get there.

Easily accessible from The Mumbles where we were staying, this is an ideal spot to go for a wander if you’re on a beachy weekend away and want to see a bit more green! I love any walk that takes you near the sea or up on a cliffside – getting severely windswept and sprayed by the waves only makes it more cosy when you get back to your cottage, kick off your wellies and put the kettle on.

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