Winter Wonderland in Brussels

So, my boyfriend decided to move abroad. Again. But, of course, it meant I had an excuse to see another new country. I’d passed through Belgium a couple of times before but not for a proper visit, so I was super excited to head there again (especially as flights aren’t involved – THANK YOU Eurostar!)

My first visit to Brussels was actually in November, but I headed there again in early December for the Christmas markets and Swan Lake at the ballet. It was only a quick visit, but I’ll be back again in February when hopefully I’ll get to check out more of the museums and galleries, and a day trip to Bruges which I’m super excited about.

I just thought I’d put together a little photo diary of the trip and some of the places we went to in case you’re going there soon and want some ideas. It was pretty rainy (and freezing) both times I’ve visited but being a Brit I’m more than used to that. I had a fabulous time in my faux fur coat eating chips in cones and drinking hot chocolate at my new favourite café, The Sister.

Vegan Pasta Pesto at The Sister
Vegan Waffles & Chocolate Sauce at The Sister

Granted, it’s now the 1st of February so the Christmas Markets aren’t on anymore, but there are so many lovely places to visit in Brussels that look beautiful all year round. I’d obviously recommend heading to Grand Place, which is home to markets and the huge Christmas tree in Winter, and outdoor cafes in the summer. A 1-2 minute walk away is Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert which is also definitely worth a visit.

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

You’ve probably also heard of Atomium: Brussels’ version of the Eiffel Tower. It sort of looks like a spaceship and is actually a bit scary to stand under – it was right outside the ballet we went to and we stopped to have a little look on our way home. I can’t wait to go back there in the daytime and have a play around with my drone!


As previously said, I haven’t had the chance to go round many of the other ‘sights’ so far, but I’ll do an updated post after my trip in February with my top recommendations.

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