Welcome To 2013

So this is basically my positive start to 2013! I thought I’d post about some of the things I want to achieve this year and things I’m excited for. I never ever call them New Year Resolutions because I really don’t believe in that concept; you shouldn’t wait for the New Year to make a life change, you’re more likely to fail if you do that.

  • So first of all I want to make myself more confident, I’m basically a hermit crab and I used to be extremely shy, I made a bit of progress in 2012 but this year I want to completely stop being so quiet!
  • I also want to make a special effort with school stuff, mostly just by spending more time on work outside school (I know it’s boring but it has to be done…) especially as my A-levels will be half-way through by June.
  • I’m soooooo so so excited for Summer because it’ll be my first holiday with my boyfriend. We’re either going on a little road trip to South France, or if that fails a little break to Centre Parks & Longleat.
  • Speaking of my boyfriend, I’m also very excited to be able to say we’ve nearly been together two years (March 15th.)
  • Also, I HAVE TO GO TO THE ZOO AND AQUARIUM, I’ve been waiting far too long to do that. Haven’t been since I was about 10!

There are millllllions of things I could say I want to do this year, but I’ll probably mention them in other posts. I also don’t want to get carried away and say unrealistic things like swim with dolphins or skydive, those kinda things just won’t happen ’til I’m older. So I’ll sign off my first post with one of my favourite photos of 2012 – a photo of me and Joe in the snow about this time last year (up at the top). See you soon…

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