Vichy Night Detox

This Friday Favourites post features a product I think is going to stick around for a long time in my skincare drawer. I’ve recently been on the lookout for a new blemish-fighting face cream since I ran out of my trusty Effaclar Duo+. My skin’s been in serious need of some TLC!

If you haven’t come across Vichy, it’s a skincare and makeup brand owned by L’Oreal that specialises in products for sensitive skin. I read about this particular product in a magazine and had to go and buy it the next day; it sounded perfect for my skin at the moment. It retails in most shops for £15.50 but I’ve also seen it online for around £10, so it’s definitely affordable.
Since using it for about a week, I agree with most of the things it claims to do. According to Vichy, it’s for ‘blemish-prone adult skin, targeting excess sebum production that occurs during the night’. If you’re someone that wakes up with dirty-feeling skin and new blemishes due to the over-production of sebum, this product should work well for you. It’s also paraben and oil free and hypoallergenic. The texture of the cream itself is light and fresh, and not at all greasy.
It claims to reduce blemishes, redness and pores, even out complexion and purify your skin. While some people have said they’ve seen immediate results, I didn’t notice a drastic difference until I’d been using it for about 4 days when my skin tone really evened out and pores/blemishes were noticeably reduced. Although, I did notice clearer-feeling skin after the first night of use. I also noticed (and other people have commented) that my skin looked tanned (!?). It definitely doesn’t have any fake tan in, so hopefully that’s just another natural benefit of the product!
The only thing I’d say is that you do need quite a bit to cover your whole face, so I’m not sure how long it’ll last. (I’d say around the time my Effaclar Duo lasted, which was a few months.) At the moment, I’m not sure how it compares with the Effaclar Duo as it’s not a moisturiser but a night detox cream, so they do different things. I’ll keep you all updated! But it’s definitely making an appearance in my monthly favourites video this month.
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