Topshop Glow Highlighter in ‘Gleam’ Review

Damn Lily, back at it again with another highlight review. I don’t even need to tell you guys again how much I love highlighters and to be honest I didn’t have an excuse for buying another one. I definitely didn’t need it but that clearly didn’t stop me. And hey, it’s another review for you guys.

The high street is definitely catching up with high end when it comes to highlighters. It’s taken them a while but more and more affordable makeup brands are adding highlighters to their range that are often just as good as, and in some cases better than, the more expensive options. One that was actually very early to the bandwagon was Topshop. Their highlighting products are making their way onto the blogging scene now, but when they were first released they didn’t seem to get much attention.

Their Glow Pot in Gleam has been on my wishlist for a very long time, but whenever I’ve gone into stores to look for it the only one I could see was Polished, the paler more pink-toned of the two. While that one looks beautiful too, I really wanted a glowy, bronze-hued summer highlighter. This reminds me a lot of Benefit’s Sun Beam liquid highlighter which I’ve almost run out of (and won’t be repurchasing because Benefit test on animals) so I’m really happy to have found such a good dupe.

 If you want that bronze goddess kind of look, this product will be your best friend. It’s super easy to apply; I just tap it on using my fingers and then either continue to blend with my fingers or use a beauty blender to give a diffused, soft glow to my cheekbones. Even on my pale complexion it’s really easy to customise so it’s not too dark, but in the summer when I’m more tanned I’ll be packing a couple more layers of it on for a stronger look.

I actually got mine from Depop for only £4.50, but it usually retails for £9 here. For under a tenner you’re getting a nice amount of product and I feel like a good, blendable cream highlight is a little harder to come by than your standard powder which seem to be everywhere. What I also love about this is that you can just throw it in your bag for top-ups without needing to bring a brush: the lazy girl’s dream.
Have you tried anything from the Topshop Beauty collection?

Topshop Glow Highlighter in Gleam

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