The Perfect Under Eye Duo

#100HappyDays Day 67 is going to be a life saver of an eye product combo that I’ve discovered recently. Nothing lifts my spirits on a dull Monday morning like an easy fix for eye bags. The two products I combine are the Bobbi Brown corrector in ‘Extra Light Bisque’ and BareMinerals ‘Well Rested’.

The Bobbi Brown corrector is something I’ve used for a while. It’s less nude-toned and more of a salmon shade to correct the dark circles under your eyes. You can put concealer on afterwards, or a powder (which is what I do). I love the consistency of this product too; it sets really quickly on your skin but doesn’t dry it out either. The only thing I’d say is use your finger to apply it. This way, it’ll warm up enough because if you try to apply it when it’s cold it can drag rather than blend. It’s £19 which is pretty great for a product that lasts you a really long time, does exactly what it’s meant to do and comes in tonnes of shades, so you’re bound to find yours.

The BareMinerals Well Rested powder/concealer is a more recent purchase for me. It’s £16 which, again, is a pretty reasonable price for how much you get and how high standard it is. It’s a really weirdly good concealer-powder hybrid that you can use on its own, or with another corrector/concealer for higher coverage. When I’m in a rush I like to just use this with no other face makeup; it brightens up your whole face without the need for any other products. It’s pretty high coverage for such a sheer powder and you really don’t need much. It’s also got a really handy mechanism for releasing the powder: you twist the top and tip a little bit into the lid, this way you only use a tiny bit at a time and it’s a pretty mess-free way of doing things.

I think I’ve found the perfect high coverage under-eye concealing method (what a mouthful) and though it’s quite a pricey one, I know both these products will last me a really long time.

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