Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleanser Review

In a world where we are constantly being bombarded by new skincare products, ridiculous claims, 10-step regimes and airbrushed magazine covers, it’s hard to know what to believe and which brands are over-hyped. Sunday Riley has gradually become a household name for beauty lovers, but it comes with a hefty price tag so it’s not accessible for everybody. To be honest – I really shouldn’t have spent £46 on this cleanser (but SPOILER: I’m so glad I did/not glad because now I want to repurchase it…)

The Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm is actually on the affordable end of her products, with most of them coming in at the £80 mark. I would guess this one is a lot less because you get through cleansers and cream based products quicker than you get through oils (her moisturiser is also much cheaper). Having said that, this 100g pot has already lasted me 4-5 months and it’s probably got about half left.
Though it’s labelled a cleansing ‘balm’, the actual texture of the product is quite grainy. I don’t necessarily mind this because it works beautifully at gently exfoliating as well as cleansing and removing makeup. However, I’d still say I prefer the texture of the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm because you can use that on/around your eyes, whereas you need to be careful with Blue Moon in that area (trust me, it hurts).
As you’ve probably noticed by now, the product is actually blue, it’s not just the name! This doesn’t bother me at all, and it smells lovely and fresh so doesn’t feel artificial like you might imagine a blue skincare product to. The colour actually comes from Blue Tansy, which when blended with chamomile (both oils), is great for reducing redness. The cleanser also has cocoa butter in it, which is supposed to promote your skin’s elasticity, and also vanilla and sweet orange to give it that calming, totally non-offensive scent.

The packaging is surprisingly low budget for the price you pay; though it looks pretty, it’s completely plastic. It would be nice to have glass packaging, but plastic does make it easier to travel with.
Blue Moon, and Sunday Riley products in general, get a thumbs up from me for being cruelty free and paraben free (they’re also gluten and soy free if you’re after that). It’s also really straightforward to use, either as a mask (apply to dry, clean skin for as long as you like) or massage into dry skin all over and rinse with warm water, whether or not you have makeup on. 

I’m now desperate to try some of their other products, especially one of their oils and the Tidal moisturiser. I’d really recommend checking out their value sets on Sephora if you want to try a few travel sized products for a fraction of the RRP (you can order through GoSend if you’re in the UK).

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