Solo Tripping In Vienna

My mini Austrian road trip came to an end in Vienna, and I was excited the minute I arrived because it was so incredibly different from Salzburg. If you haven’t already, you can read my Salzburg post here. I loved it there, but it was so exciting to realise I was about to explore a whole other side of the country.

While Salzburg is the picture-perfect Sound of Music landscape, Vienna is a buzzing city with more things to do than I could possibly fit in during my 3 days – but I tried my best!

Hofburg Palace
Volksgarten – a beautiful rose garden

The highlight of my trip was easily visiting Belvedere palace and its two museums. Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss painting is housed here, which is my favourite painting of all time, and I spent a good half an hour in that room.

The view from Belvedere

A hotspot for picture opportunities is the area surrounding St Stephen’s Cathedral; it’s right in the middle of Graben, the famous shopping street, and also the Sigmund Freud Museum which is an amazing building in its own right.

St Stephen’s Cathedral
Vienna State Opera

I spent a day wandering around Prater, a sweet little fair ground, and also

Kunsthauswien and Hundertwasserhaus which are some nearby quirky houses and have been much loved on my Instagram!

If you’ve done your research or have been to Vienna before yourself, you’re probably wondering whether I went to Schonbrunn Palace. I had about 4 hours to kill on my last morning before heading to the airport, so decided to go then… big mistake. The queue took at least an hour and then when I finally got to the desk, the lady told me the next tour didn’t start for over an hour so I wouldn’t be able to go into the palace until then, even if I didn’t want the guided tour. So make sure you do some thorough research before going there (I thought I had!)

I ended up walking around the gardens in stead which were only a few euros and so beautiful. On most trips I end up spending too long inside the castles/palaces and don’t have enough time to explore gardens too, so it was a real treat. It was boiling hot though and I had my backpack with me; I’d definitely recommend going on a cooler day.

Moving onto food, though, I did find a lovely restaurant at Schonbrunn where I decided to get a pre-flight lunch. It’s called Jausen Station and they served vegan pasta pesto – very fancy pasta pesto might I add – and the people working there were so smiley it put the whole morning fiasco back to rights. It’s a bit tucked away in the gardens so you might want to pick up a map at the palace.

For you foodies, I might as well talk about a few of my other fave eating spots around the city before signing off…

The Swing Kitchen

This place is on the main high street of Vienna and super easy to find. It’s basically a fancy burger joint and to my delight they sell several different vegan options, so definitely worth heading there if you’re a veggie (and if you’re not!)

This place was amazing. I’m still dreaming of the seitan steak and chocolate tart now. Solo travelling and eating alone can be daunting, especially for the first time, so to find this place tucked away and an empty upstairs dining area was a dream come true. I made myself comfy with my Kindle and probably outstayed my welcome…

Tian Bistro am Spittelberg

If you are a solo traveller like I was on this trip, I’d recommend this place as your supper destination on the first night. The people working there were so friendly and once they knew I was on my own, they went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed and sat me on my own little table outside, surrounded by tea lights and yummy food.

Easy-Going Bakery

This little vegan bakery is only about a 1-minute walk away from Tian Bistro so I decided to treat myself to a brownie on the walk home. They sell so many little treats and cake pops so, once again, even if you’re not vegan you really should pop in.

Well, I don’t think I’ve even listed everywhere I ate; clearly it was a very food oriented trip! But I think I’ll sign off now. As always, if you want more detailed advice on Austria or solo tripping, hit me up on Instagram.

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