Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot Primer Review

I’ve never desperately needed a primer or been that interested in them; I doubted they could really do that much to improve your makeup. But the winter months do crazy things to your skin and as someone who usually has pretty non-problematic skin, the fact that my t-zone is like someone’s poured a whole bottle of olive oil on it and the rest of my face is practically the sahara desert, now is the time to be getting into primers.

I’ve tried a few recently, but most of them have been illuminating primers such as the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector and L’Oreal Lumi Magique, so when I realised they possibly weren’t doing the best job of actually keeping my makeup in place, I took to my Boots advantage card and jumped for joy when I saw I had enough points to buy the Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot. To be honest, I hadn’t really read any reviews or seen anyone else use it (which is unusual for me) – I just went ahead and bought it. I’d heard great things about the Soap & Glory makeup line in general and it looked like a good primer to start off with.

As Soap & Glory were originally a body and skincare brand, I felt like they’d know what they were doing with a base skin product. None of the other products I’d tried from them were harsh or heavily scented, so I think they’re a good option for sensitive skin. When you ignore the gimmicky ‘Shine-Bloc’ and ‘Pore-Shrink Technology’ (pretty sure those are just completely made up), the primer’s key claims are to de-shine and shrink pores, which are obviously the things you want from a makeup primer. Anything that minimises pores and mattifies the skin is going to help to keep your other products on for longer and stop those natural oils from breaking down your makeup.
On application, it was actually so tacky on the skin and sunk into my face so quickly that it was quite difficult to apply my foundation afterwards – I’m not sure if I really liked this effect, but I’ve since tried applying my foundation quickly after the primer rather than giving the primer lots of time to set and that works a lot better. It’s also worth noting that I do still feel the need to use a bit of powder with this product – but I have a feeling that’s just because of the foundation I use.
My only issue is, it not only claims to de-shine – it claims to control shine for 12 hours. That’s a full day. I can’t really speak for whether this is true or not as I only suffer with oily skin in my t-zone, but I have to say it felt pretty tight on my skin once it’d dried down (possibly my pores tightening?), and I definitely don’t get oily throughout the day when I’m wearing it. Again, I can’t say whether this is down to the product or just my natural skin, but I’d still give it a go if you do have oily skin.
Soap & Glory also claims that this will hide imperfections, even out the skin tone and reduce redness. When you first apply it, it certainly does have a fleshy tint to it but I wouldn’t necessarily say it evens my skin tone noticeably or covers any of my imperfections – BUT it does make my foundation stay on for longer so I suppose you could argue that it helps to hide my imperfections for longer.
In terms of texture, the primer is quite similar to Porefessional by Benefit – very creamy and moisturising, not at all silicone like. It feels lightweight on the skin and blends nicely into a semi-dewy finish that ultimately dries down to look like your natural skin. As I said above, I would recommend trying to blend your foundation into the skin swiftly afterwards, as if you leave it to set for too long, it can become almost too tacky and difficult to actually apply any more makeup. The two photos below show the product immediately after it has been squirted from the tube, and once it’s been applied to the skin. As you can see, it gives a very slight sheen but looks natural.

Skin type: sensitive, normal to combination and oily
Finish: semi-dewy to natural
Minimises pores? Yes, but not as well as Porefessional by Benefit
De-shines? Yes
Makeup lasts longer? Yes
Hides imperfections/redness? No
At £10 for 30ml, it’s definitely a product at the higher end of the drugstore, but still very affordable when in comparison with the likes of Hourglass and Chanel – two brands praised for their primers. While I haven’t tried many other primers, I was really impressed with it overall. I’d also say if you have oily skin and still love trying out dewy foundations, this could be a good primer to use underneath.
Is it worth buying? Yes. I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly groundbreaking product and I’m sure there are higher end primers that would do a better job, but in terms of the drugstore I think it’s pretty darn good. If you’re interested, Boots often do deals on Soap & Glory so it’s worth looking out for those. Have you tried any other Soap & Glory products? What’s your favourite primer? I’m on the hunt for my holy grail base, so let me know any suggestions you have!

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