Sleek ‘Precious Metals’ Highlight Palette Review

With so many luxury brands bringing out top of the range highlighting products, it’s easy to forget our affordable friends at the drugstore. From Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfectors to The Balm’s Mary Lou, I thought I was all set. But when Boots’ Boxing Day sales included a 2 for £10 deal on all Sleek items, I had to pick up one of their new highlighting palettes.
My quad of choice was in the shade ‘Precious Metals’, a range of copper and champagne tones with one slightly brighter platinum shade – perfect for the inner corners of the eyes and brow bone. At first glance I fell head over heels, but for £10 when not on offer, is it over priced?

Let’s start with packaging. While we all joke about buying something ‘just for the packaging’ (which I’m definitely guilty of), it’s actually an incredibly important part of a product. The first impression is often a deal maker or breaker, which is why brands are going above and beyond with packaging now. What I like about Sleek is they’ve always kept their branding very minimalist, but with their new highlight palettes, they’ve added just a little bit of extra glam. I’ve compared the original black packaging with the champagne gold of the Precious Metals palette and, while there isn’t a huge amount of difference in the actual practicality of it, it certainly looks and feels more luxurious.

On opening the palette, you find a range of four gorgeous champagne golds. At first glance, they look quite similar but can all be used slightly differently and look beautiful when put together on the face.  They have a very creamy, buttery texture but also feel lightweight on the skin – not thick or heavy in the slightest which I love. In the top left we have Platinum, perfect for highlighting smaller parts of the face such as the inner corners of your eyes or under the arches of your brows. Second is Royal Gold, a yellow-toned champagne gold – my favourite for a strong cheek bone highlight. Renaissance Gold is very similar to Royal Gold but slightly paler and cooler toned, so great for a sharper highlight. I find this colour to be a really good match for The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer, so if you’re on the hunt for a cream version of that, look no further! The fourth and final shade on offer is Antique Bronze, quite a bit darker and much more powdery than the other three. This is probably a bit dark for me to use as a highlight, but I like that the palette caters for all skin tones and I’ll probably use this as a gorgeous overlay for bronzers.

 At only £2.50 per shade, this versatile palette is an absolute bargain. As the formula is moisturising but lightweight, I feel it’d work for all skin types and as I said before, seems to cater to all skin tones too. Whether you’re a highlight hoarder looking for the next item to add to your collection or just starting out with makeup, Precious Metals is a brilliant all-rounder that I think most people will enjoy.

To see the palette in action, have a look at my ‘Bronze Goddess’ makeup tutorial here…

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