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My favourite – Revlon Matte balm ‘Shameless’

So this post is pretty late considering these lip products came out last year, but I’ve only recently completed my collection… Having said that, I now see there’s an orange shade I don’t have… #LipProductAddictProblems

When a brand releases a new lip product, I’m usually pretty quick to jump on the bandwagon and check them out. If I’m not overly impressed, I’ll often just get one to review etc., but if I really like them I have the unfortunate collector bug within me and I have the urge to get the whole lot. I absolutely love these balms from Revlon and so, over time have managed to accumulate all of the colours that originally caught my eye (apart from that pesky orange…)

The range is pretty good; they cover pretty much all the possible colours someone could want. They come in two finishes: lacquer and matte. As one would expect, the matte shades are much more pigmented and long lasting while the lacquer balms are much more subtle, and do tend to wear off quicker. They all have a slightly minty taste and make your lips tingle a bit (not sure if this means they have any plumping effects – but I haven’t noticed any). I’m just going to take you through each of the balms I have, going from lightest to darkest. If you want to watch my YouTube video on these products and me actually applying them, click here.

The palest shade is ‘Demure’, one of the two lacquers I have. It’s very sheer and pretty shimmery, so if you’re not keen on either of those things I’d steer clear. I love it for everyday wear as it pretty much goes with anything, and has good longevity considering its formula. It’s so easy to apply and you don’t need a mirror to do so, so it’s also great for lazy makeup days. As you can tell, it’s my most used as it’s the most versatile. If you’re just starting out with makeup, this is the one I’d advise you to get.

The second palest shade in the collection is ‘Complex’, a matte nude. Unfortunately I lost the clip for this one but you can see me wearing it in my Festive tutorial here. This is probably my second most used shade as, again, it’s versatile and easy to apply without worrying about messy edges. I find this one to be the least drying of all the mattes. It has a lovely buttery texture and despite its paleness, stays on for hours due to its pigmentation. However, it is verging on too pale for me because of how pale I am and I can’t imagine it looking great on darker skin tones, so do try it out on yourself before buying.

One of my absolute favourites from the collection is elusive, another matte shade. It’s a beautiful nude pink – very flattering and immediately gives the illusion of bigger, plumper lips. If you’re looking for a Kylie Jenner shade, this is probably the closest you’ll get from this range! I feel it suits me better than the other nudes because it gives a little more colour, though it would probably suit darker skin tones even better.

Sultry, as you’d expect from the name, is more of an evening shade – almost a nighttime version of elusive. I’d still say this is a nude but it’s verging on brown/pink/red all at the same time, so I feel like a lot of people would love it. However, if you’re choosing between this and Elusive, I’d go for the latter.

Onto darker shades, Standout is a brilliant vibrant matte red. It’s quite blue-toned so a great one for making your teeth look whiter! Of all the mattes, it’s probably the most drying but still barely noticeable when in comparison with other matte lip products. If you’re not keen on mattes, the range also includes a lacquer version of pretty much the exact same colour (towards the end of this post).

Showy is definitely the right name for this one. It’s the perfect Barbie pink but somehow, it’s still understated. I’d happily wear this on an everyday basis and not feel OTT, probably because of its finish. Because it’s matte, it’s almost like a ‘grown up’ Barbie colour. Again, it’s quite blue-toned so makes your teeth look white, whereas some hot pinks can make your teeth look like a yellow mess!

Provocateur is the only other lacquer in my collection and one of my all time favourite red lip products – a bold statement to make! It’s also the lacquer version of Standout I mentioned above. Again, though this is a vibrant red, I feel comfortable wearing this out during the day without feeling overdressed. It almost looks orange sometimes, so it can look playful and summery as long as you keep the rest of your makeup nice and simple too. But if you want to pair it with a liner too, it makes for a great going-out red and is super easy to re-apply if you’re out for dinner. Very moisturising and different from what other brands have to offer so this gets a huge thumbs up from me!

This has to get my vote for best in the collection. Shameless is a true purple that really turns heads. It’s the perfect vamp colour for me and I love wearing it with a really simple eye. You could wear it in the day if you want to, but I love saving this for nights out when you really want to make a statement. Again, it’s not drying though it’s a matte and it’s incredibly long-lasting, but application is obviously a little harder due to its colour/pigmentation so you might need a mirror for this one.

I hope that gives you a bit more of an insight into the collection if you’re interested in investing in one or two – I’d seriously recommend them if you haven’t already. They have such a huge range so you’re bound to find one for you. They’re £7.99 each so pretty standard for drugstore lip products, and you get a huge amount compared with what you get in a lipstick. Let me know if you have any of the others and think I should check them out!

Lil x

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