Paris: July 2015

Holiday blues are the worst. The only thing that’s getting me through being back in the real world is making YouTube videos, posting on Instagram and writing this blog post about the trip to continue living in denial that it’s over.
So, I’m going to tell you all about the trip in this little travel diary. I’ve uploaded a Sephora Haul and Vlog from the trip already, so head on over to my YouTube channel to check those out! The vlog especially gives a much better idea of the trip and might be fun to watch while you read.
We got up early on Thursday 2nd July – extremely excited. We hopped onto our train to London in classic British weather and couldn’t wait to board our Eurostar which would hopefully take us to another world. When we arrived in the afternoon, it was like stepping off a plane in an exotic, far away country. We couldn’t be happier.
We pretty much spend the first night unpacking and shopping for food to fill up our fridge, and then let the excitement settle in as we ate our first Parisien supper looking out over our balcony at the magical city. The first full day was absolutely jam-packed; we went shopping first of all (I was restless before a trip to Sephora) and picked up lots of goodies.
We then just explored and ended up having lunch at Notre Dame & checking out Le Louvre before our moonlit boat tour in the evening. One place we stumbled upon was the infamous ‘Cat Cafe’. I’d been very excited to go there as cats supposedly accompany you while you eat your meal. Disappointed was an understatement when Joe asked ‘ou est les chats?’ and we were told they don’t actually go in the cafe; it’s all a big marketing ploy. I could have shed a tear.
Day 3 was another long exploring day (they all were!) and we actually ended up going to the Palace of Versailles. We weren’t sure whether we were definitely going to go there because we’d heard it was expensive and complicated, but it ended up costing us less than 10 euros each and was only about a half an hour train journey out of Paris. It’s a truly magnificent place and I’ve always loved Marie Antoinette so I was fascinated – definitely somewhere I’d go back to. Plus, there was a little standalone Laduree shop which is incentive enough to get on that train.
The next day, our last full day, started off with an early morning walk through Mon Martre which Joe insisted on as he had a written tour guide in his (20-year-old) Paris guidebook. Needless to say, streets and locations had changed slightly since two decades previous so it didn’t go exactly to plan. But we still saw some lovely places, including lots of famous artist’s old houses and studios, Sacre Couer and Moulin Rouge. We then did the cliche couples’ lunch by the Eiffel Tower, saw Monet’s Waterlillies at L’Orangerie and then headed back to our hotel room to get ready for a lovely meal out.
The last day pretty much just consisted of us trying to consume as much brie and baguette as humanly possible and spending our remaining euros on beer and makeup before our Eurostar home in the evening. Sat having a last crepe in a cafe, I couldn’t quite believe nothing had gone wrong the whole trip.
It truly was the most wonderful holiday and I can’t wait to go back, or on another holiday with Joe. We’re currently planning either inter railing or Italy next year, so keep your eyes peeled…
Thanks for reading, as always, and see you next time.
Lil x

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