Motivational Monday 17/02/2014

The main premise of ‘Motivational Mondays’ is to give myself an idea of what productive things to do in the following week. I’m really trying to be a more motivated person this year, especially with school as I’m taking my final exams in May, but also with blogging and YouTube. To make sure I post more I actually bought my own domain, which you’re on now! This week I’m on half term from college so my little list for the next few days is aaaallll school-related, which I know is pretty boring but most holidays I end up doing no work until the last day, and this time I want to feel motivated and clear-headed about school work when I go back rather than panicky. School work isn’t all I’ll be doing this holiday, but I really want to focus on it above everything else for once.

SO, if you know me you’ll know I make lists a lot. Pretty much every day, usually on my phone. I just find that they’re really helpful to show you exactly what you need to get done, and crossing them off as you do them is really satisfying. I’m definitely one of those people that wouldn’t get anything done without a little push, so that paired with my OCD results in a whole lotta to-do lists.
Like I said, you can keep a to-do list on your phone if you want it with you all the time, but I wanted to keep my daily to-do lists separate from my ‘Motivational Mondays’ lists, so I’ve dedicated a whole notebook to these weekly posts. Usually in these posts I’d go into detail about each of the things I want to get done, but as this week’s tasks are all focused on school, I thought that would be a little boring for you! I’m really hoping these Monday posts and generally having more of a ‘routine’ when it comes to posting on my blog will motivate me more not just in terms of blogging and YouTubing, but in life too. Having a routine to stick to is such an easy thing to create and really helps me to not get stressed out, so I’d really recommend it.
If you’re one of those people that hates the idea of a long list of tasks that need completing, make it more fun by pairing it with something you like doing. I paint my nails a lot when revising as it doesn’t take a lot of concentration or stop me from concentrating on what I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve also recently started using teeth whitening strips again, which you leave on for 30 minutes so they’re good for timing your revision slots, but it’s also nice to know your teeth are being whitened while you’re pushing through school work.
Next Monday will (I hope) be a bit more exciting and include lots of non-school-related things. If you have any exciting things coming up this week or, like me, any boring things to do, comment below and we can wallow in self pity together.

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