MAC ‘Russian Red’

As I’ve accumulated over ten MAC lipsticks in the last month or so, I thought I’d start to review them (I’ll also be doing a MAC lipstick collection YouTube video soon)!

one of my favourites is called ‘russian red’ and it’s part of the matte finish collection. i normally hate matte finish lipsticks and steer clear of them completely but it totally works with this lipstick. it’s dry enough that you don’t need to reapply the lipstick for the whole day, but it’s also moist enough that it doesn’t dry out your lips.
i’m not one to wear bright shades of any make-up on a daily basis, but i think this could be the lipstick that changes me! it’s a gorgeous ruby red but blue-toned, so it makes your teeth look super white which is always a plus. i think when it comes to bright reds, nearly every single skin tone works so there’s no need to worry about whether it’ll suit you or not – it will!
the only thing i will say is because it’s super super pigmented, you’re better off also using a red lip liner (i use a barry m lip liner which was only £2.99). this way, you give yourself the ability to ‘stay inside the lines’ rather than going wrong and finding it difficult to clean it up fully without leaving a little red smudge on your face! it also helps to make your lips look a little plumper than they are, and keep them looking symmetrical and perfect.
if you’re considering buying a red lipstick but don’t want to splash out in case you don’t like what you buy, don’t even hesitate to buy this beauty. snap it up asap, and if you’re still sceptical after reading this, pop into a MAC store and ask them to try it on you/what they think.

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