Laura Geller Gelato Swirl Illuminator ‘Gilded Honey’ Review & DUPE

I am a highlighter fiend. I literally cannot stop buying highlighters. But, that does mean I can give a pretty in-depth review when I purchase a new one and compare it with lots of others. Next up on my list of highlighters to scrutinise is the ‘Baked Gelato Swirl’ highlighter by Laura Geller in the shade ‘Gilded Honey’. If you’re a frequent visitor of beauty blogs or makeup tutorials on YouTube I’m sure you will have come across this before. It’s definitely up there in the cult favourites so it can be difficult to get your hands on, but I managed to pick it up when I made an order from the U.S. (find out how here), and I thought I’d review it for you guys to see whether it’s truly worth the hype.
I have to be honest, my initial impression was that the packaging was a bit cheap looking. I like the Laura Geller logo and the overall look of the actual highlighter, but the plastic see-through packaging just felt a bit outdated and like something you’d pick up for a few pounds rather than the pretty hefty £21 this costs. Having said that, the actual product makes up for this and at the end of the day, packaging doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter too much.
The illuminators come in two shades: Ballerina (a more bronze-toned highlight) and Gilded Honey which is the more popular shade. It can definitely be likened to Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘So Hollywood’ which is probably why it’s so popular. It’s very pigmented so if you don’t like a strong highlight, I’d stay away from this one. It also has quite a lot of shimmer in it so it’ll be lovely in the summer and for nights out, but even someone like me who loves a bold highlight probably wouldn’t go for this on a day-to-day basis.
I will say that the thing that sets this apart from my other highlighting products is how smooth and creamy the formula is. I love the ‘Gelato Swirl’ effect, though I’m not sure how much that actually affects the product, and the overall feel of it on your skin is really nice. It blends easily and distributes evenly on your face.

So, is it worth the hype? At £21 it’s very much on the pricey side of things and you don’t actually get much product, baring in mind you get double the amount of product in Anastasia illuminators for only a few extra pounds. Although, this highlight is really strongly pigmented so I guess it all balances out as you wouldn’t need to use as much product with this one to get a strong glow. As I love other highlighters more (The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer trumps everything else I’ve tried), I probably wouldn’t repurchase this but I still love it and will treasure it in my collection until it runs out. Just for reference, I’ll list a few other highlighters below and how they compare with Gilded Honey.
MAC Soft & Gentle – darker, more glittery/powdery
The Balm Mary Lou Manizer – lighter, more pigmented, less shimmery
Anastasia Beverly Hills So Hollywood – very slightly paler, pretty similar
Kiko Water Eyeshadow 208 – slightly more golden, very similar (read below for dupe info)
Exciting news: I’ve found a brilliant dupe for this which is almost a third of the price and very available in the UK. It’s actually one of Kiko’s eyeshadows in the shade 208 and costs just £8.90. I’d get your hands on it ASAP if you want it as it’s definitely becoming another popular product in the blogosphere and, knowing the power of the internet, it’ll probably be sold out in a few weeks. I’ll be doing a longer review of it in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.
That about wraps up this review, please do ask any other questions you might have. It’s a lovely highlighter but the bottom line is: it’s probably not worth £21, especially if you have highlighters in your collection that you love already.
Laura Geller ‘Gilded Honey’ swatched

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