Italy On A Budget: Venice, Florence & Rome

I’m finally catching up on ALL my travel posts for this year, so I hope you’re ready for lots of wanderlust-inducing content! The summer trip that kickstarted my European travels this year was a road trip in Italy…

Ah, Italia. I miss it so much already and the trip was only a few months ago. I was there for 11 days and managed to see Venice, Florence and Rome without any issues, so I thought I’d put together a little itinerary-style post to tell you guys how to do it yourselves as I met a few people there who were doing the same trip. I’ll also be doing mini-posts for each of the three cities, so keep an eye out for those!

After lots of research, I found that the cheapest way to do the trip would be to fly from London to Venice, get the train from Venice to Florence, get the train again from Florence to Rome, and then fly home from there. Of course, this may change depending on where you’re originally flying from, but that worked really well for us starting in the UK. The flights were only about £15 each way (I know, insane) and trains are super cheap too if you book them a few weeks in advance (I would put aside about £50 altogether for trains for two people).

We decided to spend 3 nights in Venice in comparison to 4 nights each in Florence and Rome, just because of the fact that it’s smaller than the other two and doesn’t have as many tourist attractions. I would totally go back to Venice for longer though; I could spend hours and hours just wandering around, dipping in and out of shops and finding secret side streets – it was definitely one of the most romantic places I’ve been to.

4 nights in Florence and Rome were plenty – it was really hot when we went and I don’t think either of us could’ve done much more walking by the end of the trip! I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of Italy, but if I was going to stay longer I think I’d need a day of rest in the middle somewhere. The ideal trip would probably be 2 weeks – 4 nights in each with a day or so left free around the middle to recuperate, otherwise you’ll burn out by the end of the holiday, especially if you do as much museum walking as we did. We also somehow managed a day trip to the Vatican while in Rome.

We booked all of our accommodation through AirBnB. It was actually my first time using them and it went so smoothly; it’s a luxury to have a place to yourself after countless cheap hotels on Booking.com. If you book several months in advance it’s actually relatively easy to find affordable and conveniently placed apartments, which is why I’ve used AirBnB for most of my trips this year (not spon!)

In terms of spending money, Italy wasn’t too pricey. If you’re under 25 you should have no problem getting into museums/galleries for free or at least at a discount, and there are lots of budget supermarkets so if you’ve got your own kitchen where you’re staying, that’s definitely the way to go. We did of course buy a few pizzas too… It’s probably worth noting that we went in mid-June, so probably just outside of the popular tourist season which could be why our flights were so cheap.

Hopefully this has given you at least an insight into how to start planning an Italy road trip, but do let me know if you have any questions – I could talk about Italy alllll day! Do look out for individual posts on each city coming your way very soon if you’re interested in somewhere in particular.

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