Hotel Chocolat Easter 2016 Collection

I’m feeling very lucky (and stuffed full of chocolate) today because Hotel Chocolat have very kindly sent me another package, this time full of their Easter treats.

They told me that Easter is like Christmas for them, and you can really tell how excited the holiday makes them just by looking at their collection for this year. They have so many different sets on offer, from smaller more affordable ones to bigger, luxurious ones, so once again they’re catering for everybody. Hotel Chocolat very kindly gifted this Goody Bag to me, but this post is not sponsored and all opinions are, as always, 100% my own.

I went for their Easter Goody Bag as I thought it’d be a good way of showing you quite a few of the different products they’ve got on offer, and also because I thought it’d be really convenient to either buy as a big gift for someone special or to distribute each piece inside to lots of different people. At only £18 for 5 different gifts, it’s a bargain. Inside the bag you get…
A Salted Caramel Nano Slab
Caramel City Bunnies
Raspberry Egglets
Three Scrambled Pralines
“Hop” Pillow Pack
Um, yum.
One of my favourite things inside the bag (you’re going to read that a lot in this post) is this Nano Salted Caramel Slab. I love mini versions of things and salted caramel is one of my top flavours of chocolate, so this is a match made in heaven. Unlike other salted caramel chocolates I’ve tried, this has real chunks of salt and caramel in it, making it totally irresistible and moreish. Plus, it’s just big enough to fill your chocolate craving without being sickly. As far as I know, you can’t get this on its own but they do lots of other salted caramel goodies.

The next things I pulled out of the bag were these Raspberry Egglets (£5.50 if bought on their own). I’m usually not a huge fan of fruity chocolate but the raspberry isn’t sweet at all; it really tastes like 100% blended tangy raspberries. That paired with the dark chocolate makes a delicious combo and is a great option if you don’t like your chocolate to be too sweet.

The “Hop” Pillow Pack is a really sweet little gift and super affordable at only £2.50 if you buy it on its own. Inside you get three chocolate bunnies in Hotel Chocolat’s classic milk chocolate, so a fail safe gift if you don’t know what somebody’s choccy preferences are.

The City Bunnies make an appearance in several of Hotel Chocolat’s Easter sets, and I’m not surprised. Again, I’m not normally a fan of caramel but these are filled with a really tasty, high quality caramel that isn’t too sticky and makes it very easy to polish off all 6 in one go.

However, it’s the Scrambled Pralines that take top spot for me. Praline chocolates are my absolute favourites and always have been, so I could’ve had a whole box of these and been perfectly happy. They’re pretty generously sized, and though they look quite similar because of the marbled design, one is white, one is milk and one is dark chocolate. These would be perfect as a little but delicious Easter gift, or you could even buy a bunch of them to use in an Easter hunt!

So, what do you guys like the look of? I also just have to mention their adorable Egg Sandwiches – I’m definitely going to be picking up a few of these as Easter gifts for my family. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, Hotel Chocolat have by far the best range of chocolate goodies out there and at such a good range of products and prices, there’s a gift for everyone (even yourself!)

Check out the whole range here.

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