Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Review

On my hunt for the perfect foundation (have a look at my First Impressions YouTube playlist here), I’ve ventured into the more natural side of things and bought a tinted moisturiser. The Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue is probably one of the most popular on the market at the moment and as we’re approaching summer I think lots of people tend to move from full coverage foundations to a lighter coverage base for the warmer months. I’m not usually one for a very natural looking foundation so I thought it’d be interesting to step out of my comfort zone and try something a bit different.

As always, I had to get this in the palest shade which is called Opal. The shade range is really impressive and I was happy to see that they offer such a pale shade, but on first application I already knew it was still a bit dark for my paper white skin. Clearly I need a bit of sun before none of my makeup products match me anymore, but for the sake of testing out this product I put up with the not-so-good colour match to see what the longevity and formula were like.
At £26 it’s safe to say I was expecting something pretty damn good. For a tinted moisturiser close to the price of a Chanel foundation I wanted it to do something special as I usually buy base products for their coverage, which this obviously doesn’t have. Straight off the bat, the look of the product certainly lives up to the higher end price tag and at 35ml you’re getting quite a bit more product than you’d get in most foundations. The consistency was actually pretty watery so I put the cap back on and gave it a good shake before trying to apply it. As I said, the shade is still a little on the dark side for me but once it’s blended in it looks fine and I’m sure it’ll end up too pale for me in the summer – typical!

What I love about this product is the ease of application; you can be ready to go in under a minute just using your fingers to apply it, and I actually cut out my morning step of using moisturiser underneath as it’s so hydrating on its own. The fact that it’s water-based makes it easy to build for a slightly heavier coverage on more problem areas, without making the skin look flat which a lot of my higher coverage foundations do. Bare Minerals also say that the ingredients used are designed to hydrate skin gradually over time, but I’m yet to agree or disagree with that claim.
Pretty much my only issue is that I have combination skin so it does tend to get a bit uncomfortable and slippery as I get more oily through the day, but if you suffer from dry skin this will feel wonderful for you. If you’re after a very natural looking base that adds glow to the skin and gives you protection from the sun too (SPF 30), this one is a winner.

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