August 2016 Favourites: Makeup, Travel & Accessories

Long time, no see. Whenever life starts to get a bit manic, the blog is always the first thing to go on the back burner. There are so many posts I want to write and, if I’m honest, writing is a great outlet for me so I really wish I had more time to post, but unfortunately a few other things come above it.
But I do have a few recommendations I want to show you from last month that I think you’ll love. It’s been an exciting summer and these are the things that have been making my life even sweeter!

The first favourite for August has got to be Amsterdam. Joe and I went a few weeks ago just for 5 days, but I felt like I saw so much in that short space of time. If you’re into museums and just wandering aimlessly around a city waiting to see what you come across next, I’d highly recommend it. There’s something around every corner to discover, but as it’s a little smaller than other cities I’ve visited, it was much easier to get around and see lots of. Read more about the trip here.

I recently got my hands on this baby through GoSend, a U.S. shipping company that I work with from time to time. As soon as ABH posted this on their Instagram, I knew I needed it in my life! It’s the perfect palette of warm reds, pinks and browns with a few beautiful highlight shades in there too – and what I love most about ABH is how affordable they are. For the quality of their products, they could be charging double what they do. So kudos to them for that! ABH is also now pretty easy to get your hands on in the U.K.

Perfumes are not something I’ve ever been particularly excited by and I don’t tend to move too far from my Marc Jacobs Daisy, but since I’ve been transitioning into a cruelty free beauty collection, it came to my attention that my beloved Daisy would need replacing. Luckily I got this gorgeous perfume as a deluxe sample in a Love Me Beauty box last month (20% off with the code lily20) and I’ve almost run out already. I’m not even going to attempt describing the smell, but it’s sold at House of Fraser so give it a whiff if you get the chance. It’s pretty pricey so I may not be able to buy the full size for a while, but I’ve definitely found my new favourite cruelty free scent.

In my eyes, nothing was ever going to top Charlotte Tilbury’s lip cheat in Pillow Talk. Ever.  It’s long wearing, a comfortable matte and a really good match for my lip colour. But more and more people started raving about another one of her lip cheats: Iconic Nude. I’d seen Charlotte herself use it in a few videos on YouTube so decided to pick it up for myself and… I don’t know how I lived my life before this. It is PERFECT. I literally can’t fault it. If you’re looking for a wearable, every day nude that gives you a subtle ‘lip filler’ look (that sounds horrible but I know you get me), this is your guy. Don’t even bother looking elsewhere.

And last but certainly not least, my phone got a little makeover. Iconemesis is a phone case brand that work with amazing designers such as Fifi Lapin, Gemma Correll and Cat Sims to create the most beautiful, unique designs. I went for this feather design which is available for all recent iPhone sizes and was only £15 (£10 if you have a smaller iPhone)! It’s been on my phone for almost a month now and has done a great job at protecting it, and it’s much prettier than my run-of-the-mill Apple one.

What have been your faves this Summer?

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