Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Review

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is probably one of the most popular makeup products sitting in my collection. I actually managed to get my hands on this when I made an order from the U.S. so I got it for $40 in stead of £39! (Read about how I did that here). Knowing how coveted this palette is, I thought it was totally necessary to write a blog post about it to determine whether it really is worth all the rave reviews and whether or not you need to buy it – plus a few dupes for you to check out.

As I said, this palette usually retails for £39 in the UK which is definitely not budget, but compared with some other higher end palettes it’s not totally unrealistic to save up for. Since contouring is all the rage at the moment, I think most people either have or want to have something like this in their makeup collection and I can totally see why this is one of the most popular picks. I got mine in the shade Light/Medium (there is also a Medium/Deep option) and pretty much all of the colours are wearable for me which is a nice change as, being pale, there is often at least one shade I would never dip into.

The Shades:
Vanilla – matte pale cream
Banana – matte pale yellow
Sand – pale pink/nude shimmer
Java – matte warm neutral brown
Fawn – matte cool brown
Havana – matte warm/orange based brown
Vanilla is great as a base for highlighting/general setting of foundation, while Banana is really nice for highlighting and setting concealer under the eyes. My only issue with Banana is that I can’t really use it when I’m at my palest as it’s a bit too yellow, but when I’m tanned it’s beautiful. Sand gives a lovely subtle highlight as it has tiny little particles of shimmer in it that almost blend away when you apply it. It’s brilliant for paler complexions because it’s so highly pigmented and actually pale enough for once!
The three bronze shades are brilliant too; I use Fawn to contour which works perfectly and I tend to mix Fawn and Java as a bronzing shade. Havana is probably the most difficult shade in the palette to use because it’s quite a bit warmer and darker, so I haven’t used this one as much. I’ll probably get more wear out of it in the summer when I’m a lot more tanned, but I’m happy with paying $40 for 5 shades that I’m already getting lots of wear out of.

The actual formula, as you can hopefully tell from the photos above, is very thick and highly pigmented but can be powdery/a bit chalky on the darker shades, so I go in very light-handed with those. You certainly don’t need to apply much product to get a very heavy pigment, which is an upside in the way that the palette will last a long time but also slightly annoying as it can be easy to overdo it.
The math works out at about £/$6.50 per pan which really isn’t bad considering ABH is such a popular brand at the moment delivering some high quality products. However, seeing as brands like Makeup Revolution and NYX have recently released some very close dupes for a fraction of the price, I don’t think you absolutely need this one. By all means, if you have the funds I would definitely save up for this; it’s perfect for travelling and caters for the palest/deepest skin tones, is easy to blend and the removable pans/refills you can purchase are REALLY handy. But I’ve heard some great things about the drugstore dupes too, and some of them even feature a mirror which this palette does not. Let me know if you’ve tried them or if you have the ABH palette and what your thoughts are, I always love getting your opinions.
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