A Holiday In The Home of Hygge: Copenhagen January 2018

The idea of going on holiday in January and getting away from the British weather has always been appealing to me. Joe and I finally did that this year, but the weather we escaped to was… even more rainy and cold. That didn’t stop us from having the best time and fulfilling all of our The Killing and The Bridge fan-girl wishes, and even taking the train across said bridge for an afternoon in Malmo, Sweden.
As always, we stayed in a beautiful and hygge-worthy Air BnB flat in Norrebro, which is referred to as the Shoreditch of Copenhagen. It was good value for money and the girl living there was really accommodating and helpful.

It got dark pretty early (not that we weren’t used to that from Joe’s time in Bergen), so if you go in the winter months I’d definitely recommend not trying to cram in too much. We spent a morning wandering around Norrebro and taking it easy, visiting the famous Superkilen Park and getting used to our surroundings, aided by the most majestic vegan pizza I ever did see at Express Pizza.

Of course, one of the first places we ventured out to was Nyhavn, arguably the most famous spot in the city. It’s a little river lined with brightly coloured cafes and shops; the perfect place to tuck yourself away for a coffee after exploring the boats which are open to the public. Needless to say, we spent far too long taking pictures here.

Later that day we headed to the University Botanical Gardens, which are conveniently heated for the plants so we were able to wander around without our coats on for a while. Head here for the ultimate instagram shot (and, of course, if you’re actually into botany).

Our first day ended in Bastard Cafe, which is filled with every board game you could imagine (most of them are in Danish though, so get there early to nab an English one!) We definitely would’ve gone back here a second time if we had a bit longer.

Unusually for us, we didn’t go to any museums or galleries. We did head out to a beautiful church after seeing other people’s photos of the inside, but it just happened to be shut for a service when we decided to go. I was sad not to go in, but it was pretty spectacular from the outside too.

Another beauty we missed out on was Tivoli, which I was super disappointed about. Still, all the more reason to head back one day! It’s open again now, so definitely head there if you’re going in the near future. It’s basically a little theme park that changes with the seasons.

Next up was a day trip to Malmo, Sweden. I’ll be doing a more in-depth blog post about how we did this, how much it costs and things to do in the city, but let me just say it was incredibly easy and definitely worth doing. If you’re a fan of The Bridge, it’s a must.

Onto a few foodie spots, the next morning we headed to my new favourite brunch cafe: Acacia. The owner and her daughter were adorable and so friendly, and I could not get over how amazing the food was. Copenhagen in general is brilliant for vegans and vegetarians, with pain au chocolats, brownies and all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets lining the streets to save you from the cold. As always, I’d recommend downloading Happy Cow if you’re going anywhere new.

After our bellies were full and warm, we went to see the Little Mermaid statue and a nearby castle for a stroll. You could easily spend half a day here, but there were so many places we wanted to go to that day! To give you a bit of background, Hans Christian Andersen lived in Copenhagen which is why the statue lives there. There’s also a ‘fairytale house’, a museum of sorts, in the city centre if you’re a true fanatic!

We rounded off our last evening by going up the Round Tower: another must. I’d never seen anything like it and it gives you a beautiful view over the whole city – you can even see the bridge from the top. It’s not too tiring either as there are no steps.

A final little side note for Forbrydelsen fans: on our wanderings we actually came across the Copenhagen police station which is used in many scenes in the show. This may have actually been our excitement peak during the trip… It’s located near the town hall in the centre and really easy to find.

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