25 Things About Me

Seen quite a few bloggers doing this so thought I’d give it a go!
2001 and 2012

01 I have absolutely no clue what I want to do when I’m older but I love the idea of working for the RSPCA or somewhere like that

02 My favourite colour is pink and I love all things girly

03 I’ve dyed my hair 5 times (yuck) including a treatment that stripped all the dye out. I’d advise NO ONE to do this – it ruined my hair and it’s only just about recovered

04 I’m a bit of a closed book which likely infuriates my friends and family as they don’t know a lot of personal stuff about me

05 I have countless (literally hundreds) of various Disney DVDs, toys, and even a Bambi onesie

06 I am extremely scared of swans

07 I am also scared of spiders. Actually just anything that crawls

08 I’ve travelled to France over 10 times (but that’s pretty much the only place I’ve been)

09 I’m a vegetarian with the exception of the chicken caesar wrap from Tesco. If any of you haven’t tried it, I seriously recommend it

10 I’ve been with my boyfriend nearly 2 years and he’s probably the person I’m most comfortable around

11 My favourite musician is my dad which some people find strange (Nick Harper if any of you are interested – obviously I’m biased but seriously check him ooowwwttt)

12 I sung in the Royal Albert Hall with my dad in front of 3000 people when I was 13 *eek*

13 I hate coffee

14 Even though I love the smell of it. Along with Vera Wang Princess perfume, cut grass, petrol, puppies etc etc

15 I’m not religious in the slightest

16 I play guitar and sing but NEVER in front of anyone (slightly contradictory to no. 11 but I have no clue how on earth I managed it)

17 My favourite subject is Psychology and if I went to uni that’s what I would study

18 Some of my life ambitions are to skydive, swim with dolphins and see the Northern Lights

19 My favourite flowers are lillies

20 I live in a cottage in the middle of nowhere and my cat is often my only company


22 I’ve never been diagnosed or anything but I’m 99% sure I have OCD

23 My weird/unlucky/number-that-pops-up-everywhere number is 23

24 My best friend has been my best friend for 10 years this summer. She boards at a private school and I see her 5/6 times a year

25 My full name is Lily Alice Harper and my birthday is 23rd May (don’t know why it took me this long to put this one)

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