100 Happy Days

Hey everyone, and a happy new year! I hope 2014 was a good year for you, but may 2015 be even better.

If you watch my YouTube channel, you’ll have heard me talking about this already in my most recent video. I’ve seen lots of people hashtagging ‘100 happy days’ over the last year or so and have always wanted to do it, and what better time than New Year’s Day to start.
I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I never make them, simply because I feel like, personally, if I wanted to make a change in my life I should do it as soon as I can, not leave it to a particular date. But to start off 2015 in a positive way, I think starting this challenge is perfect.

So, over the next 100 days I’ll be sharing happy moments with you – at least one a day. Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or my blog, I’m determined to make this year a happy one and not let little things get me down like I have this year.

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