About Me

I am a wildlife scientist and filmmaker who is about to finish a degree in Wildlife Conservation. I have research experience in animal behaviour, lichens as indicators for air pollution, and sustainable development. My undergrad dissertation research focuses on storytelling and folklore for reconnection with nature, encouraging an emotional relationship with the natural world. This research has been recommended for journal publication, which is currently in progress. I have extensive experience in both videography and content production as well as hands-on conservation work with organisations such as WWT Slimbridge and The Wildlife Trusts. I intend to use these combined skills to pursue a career in wildlife filmmaking, sharing Mother Nature’s magic with others. Recently, I have made short films on the UK’s native endangered mammals, red deer at Ashton Court Estate in Bristol, and winter plant folklore.

My passions lie in protecting nature, including all animals, invertebrates, and plants. I use social media to try to show others why they should care about this too, regularly posting content on my Instagram page @lilyaliceharper. My main goal with this account is to help others reconnect with nature and feel inspired to spend more conscious time outdoors, perhaps engaging in citizen science and conservation projects, too.

Past content collaborations include The Wildlife Trusts, the British Ecological Society, Greenpeace UK, and more.

I am particularly fascinated by ecopsychology, which encompasses nature connection and therapy including activities such as forest bathing, and the innate bond between humans and the earth; and ethnobiology, which is more specifically the study of the relationship between biota and humans, and plants’ and animals’ historical cultural, magical, spiritual, and medicinal properties. This has led to the creation of my podcast, ‘Nature’s Tales‘, in which I discuss all things related to how humans have found value in other species over millennia. These interests have also influenced my writing, which has been featured in publications such as the British Ecological Society’s magazine ‘The Niche‘ (2022) and ‘Bumble‘ magazine (2020) as well as multiple conservation and sustainability columns for ‘Witchology‘ Magazine since June 2021.

My love and respect for nature transcends into my personal life too; I follow a plant-based diet and try to live a zero-waste and sustainable lifestyle as much as possible, minimising my impact on the planet. It is these issues that I try to educate others about using my online platforms.

We cannot continue to see ourselves as separate from nature. Everything is connected, and we can gain so much from respecting what we do not understand. “The ability to be nudged by curiosity closer to the world, to lead first not with intellect but with wonder, is still within your reach” – Gary Ferguson, Eight Master Lessons of Nature.